CloudFlare Overview


Global Network

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once a website is a part of the CloudFlare community (spanning 23 datacentres around the world) its web traffic is routed through CloudFlare’s intelligent global network.



CloudFlare has over one million customers (including the likes of the Financial Times and StumbleUpon) and is adding 3,500 new customers per day. It carries more traffic than Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram and Apple combined and serves over 65 billion pages per month enabling it to carry the load of even the largest websites.

Top Performance

Top Performance

CloudFlare’s proprietary software allows it to process millions of requests per second efficiently, whilst its operation of its own network allows it to choose the exact location of its edge nodes: the most strategic points on the Internet. This is essential to ensure your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance.




The delivery of your web pages is automatically optimised for best performance. CloudFlare also blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your server resources and consuming bandwidth. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Global Acclaim


thousand websites use Cloudflare

Quick content delivery


data centres around the world

No compromise


percent uptime guarantee

File size savings


removing dispensable characters

By optimising the delivery of your web pages, your visitors benefit from great performance and fast page load times. A CloudFlare implementation not only improves your page load times, but blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers which may be wasting your server resources and consuming your bandwidth.

CloudFlare Features

A next-generation solution that is reliable, simple to deploy and extremely effective. 

The CDN reduces hops and lowers latency; on average, a request is fewer than 10 hops and takes less than 30ms, meaning your website gains a global presence usually upheld by only the largest enterprises.

By automatically caching your static files at CloudFlare’s edge nodes, CloudFlare ensures your files are stored closer to your visitors and your dynamic content is delivered directly from your web server; by utilising a technology named Anycase, your visitors are then routed to the nearest datacentre. 

The result is that websites, on average, load twice as fast for visitors regardless of where they are located. These findings can be quantified by CloudFlare's analytics reports. 

Typically, a website on CloudFlare:

  • loads twice as fast for its visitors,
  • sees 65% fewer requests,
  • saves 60% of bandwidth.

CloudFlare’s charging model is independent of bandwidth consumption and therefore ensures that surges in website popularity or online attacks do not increase monthly costs.

CloudFlare CDN Features


Zero Configuration

CloudFlare technology saves you valuable time by building the cache based on your traffic and the objects on your site considered safe to serve from the edge, so you do not have to designate which files to cache.

Static and Dynamic Content

By caching static resources including JavaScript, CSS and images, and serving your dynamic content directly from your web server automatically. Subdomains can be selected individually so you can control which subdomains are part of CloudFlare’s CDN.

Page Rules

CloudFlare allows you to fine-grain control each page of your website through page rules functionality; by enabling full HTML caching, you can customise CloudFlare’s features individually on a page by page basis or enable edge network forwarding to advance page delivery.

Always Online

Building an Always Online™ version of your wesbite, cloudflare serves a limited copy of your cached website to visitors, should your server ever go offline, ensuring your most popular pages are always available.

Protection against traffic surges

Traffic surges can heavily imapct the performance of your website, in the case of a traffic surge, CloudFlare’s CDN absorbs the effect to ensure your servers stay online. On average, you’ll see 65% fewer requests to your servers and save 60% of your bandwidth.

Automatic IPv6

With the click of a button your site can be available on IPv6 networks which means you do not need to rush to upgrade your infrastructure. Your IPv4 infrastructure can remain in place until you’re ready; CloudFlare will make it seem to the world you’re running a modern dual-stack.

Rock Solid Reliability

CloudFlare ensure your visitors are unaffected by issues caused in any of their datacentres. Not only does their distributed network mean issues do not affect visitors to other datacentres, but if issues persist, vistors can be rerouted to the nearest datacentre for a seamless experienece.

Works with other CDN's

If you already use a CDN, CloudFlare works as a complement, providing you with two options: routing CDN traffic through CloudFlare first (saving money and bandwidth) or bypassing CloudFlare for your CDN traffic.

CloudFlare Security Features


Browser Integrity

Automatic browser integrity checks for all requests to your website, scan HTTP headers for threat signatures, should one be found the request is denied.

Save Resources

Serve your legitimate traffic with optimal performance from your threat-free server, as bandwidth and resources are saved.

Block and Trust List

Admins can add IP addresses, IP ranges or entire countries to Trust and Block lists, providing a nice addition to the automatic detection already in place.

Visitor Reputation

Every visitor establishes their reputation through various sources and through the threat data CloudFlare collects, you can defend your website. By controlling the type of visitors entering your site through the security settings, CloudFlare’s network automatically stops unwanted threats/visitors from entering your website.

Protect SSH/TELNET/FTP Ports

Add a layer of protection to ports like by disabling ports such as SSH, FTP and Telnet from your root domain. That way, you can add a layer of protection but continue to access the ports from a subdomain of your choice.

Collaborative Security

CloudFlare’s smart community works collectively, sharing information on new attacks to create a collective intelligence network, gathering information from every site to make the system smarter and protect the community.

Breaking the Cycle of Malware

CloudFlare websites inform visitors with compromised computers about malware attacks so that they can clean their malware infection.

CloudFlare Web Content Optimisation


The CloudFlare Optimiser helps to ensure every page renders quickly and efficiently, its features include

Easy on and off

Through an easy on and off button, it only takes one click to try each of the CloudFlare Optimizer services and one click to switch them off.


Real-time removal of nonessential characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript saves 20% of a files size. Autominify works without caching, supporting even fully dynamic pages.

Nothing to Install

Availble without software, hardware or code changes, the CloudFlare Optimizer only requires a simple change to DNS, enabling you to be up and running in five minutes.

Analytics unparalleled by other providers. 


CloudFlare provides indepth visitor analytics on your website traffic, allowing you to monitor threats and search engine crawlers which can make upto 20-50% of your traffic, meaning you get a true reflection of your traffic. Common analytics programs do not pick up unwanted visitors, Cloudflares threat control panel displays your threat visitors by severity, IP address, country of origin and type, allowing you to add or remove IP’s, IP ranges and countries in your Trust or Block list.

Cantarus and CloudFlare

By optimising the delivery of your web pages, your visitors benefit from great performance and fast page load times. A CloudFlare implementation not only improves your page load times, but blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers which may be wasting your server resources and consuming your bandwidth. 

Cantarus is the only DNN Partner in the world to offer CloudFlare as a fully–integrated service – which includes a DNN module to enable clients to control CloudFlare on their website – and is a CloudFlare Certified Partner.

Barclays Bank

We required very strong functional analysts to work on a high profile project; Cantarus certainly delivered. With all analysis and documentation completed to a very high standard and excellent feedback from our customers I would not hesitate to use Cantarus again in the future.

R. Farr
Senior Analyst

Office Link

Following a bad experience with our previous provider, we met with Lee with a view to moving our website requirements to Cantarus. We knew immediately that we had made the right choice as Lee was knoweldgeable, professional and provided clear and detailed outlines of what we needed, all of which was then delivered on time and to a very high standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending Lee and Cantarus to any company looking for a reliable and professional service.

J. Williams
Marketing Manager

Mastercall Healthcare

“Cantarus have been a vital associate in ensuring that our website and communication systems are developed and maintained to ensure maximum functionality and including the latest technology to improve service development.”

M. Buck
Managing Director


As a fledgling company, it's been re-assuring to have Cantarus working with us. We trust their expertise and professionalism. They always deliver.”

M. Cockerton

S3 Freight

“We rely on Cantarus for our IT systems. Working with them has proven to be a pleasure and I appreciate their proactive nature. Simply, Cantarus enables us to concentrate on our core functions and not worry about our IT - I couldn't ask for more.”

B. Lane
Managing Director

Symphony EYC

Both the Symphony EYC team and our other vendors were impressed with Cantarus, their consistency, professionalism and responsiveness made working across two different continents much easier. 

S. Dunn
Marketing Americas

Gardline Marine Services

Cantarus were contracted to provide a SonicWall security and remote access solution to replace our legacy system. This was done in a very professional and timely manner, achieving all deliverables specified on the work order. Since then Cantarus have helped with other solutions in our company, building a global WAN with SonicWall appliances, and ongoing support and help. A business partner, not a reseller is how I would describe them. Looking fwd to working together with them in the future.

J. Moreton
Systems Administrator

Axis Intermodal

Lee’s recommendation of using cloud computing for our entire business IT strategy was a bold initiative that has stood the test of time and permits staff to connect to our business systems 24/7 from any location around the world with broadband connectivity. As a result our productivity has increased, with business continuity and disaster recovery assured. Lee’s detailed technical knowledge of all aspects of cloud architecture and connectivity methodology has been essential in the business achieving and maintaining an almost fault-free environment over the many years of operations.

Cantarus' quality of service and commitment to us is outstanding and has resulted in a truly exceptional and well-supported IT solution that is the envy of our industry.

M. Philpot
Business Systems Manager

Poth Hille & Co

“From a difficult starting point Cantarus have interpreted our ideas to create an outstanding web site for us which ensures us an edge over our competitors. We would not hesitate to recommend such a committed, friendly team.”

T. Cowmeadow

Stroke Association

Quality, competence, flexibility, cost effectiveness and trust. Cantarus have it all and are a key partner for our operational and strategic needs.

P. Hughes
Head of IT

Wirral Grammar School for Boys

Although we had virtualisation previously, at-least weekly we would lose connectivity, resulting in performance issues across the whole school. The solution Cantarus implemented has not only increased productivity in the school but it has resulted in less downtime and no need for maintenance.

Jeremy Woodham
ICT Strategy Leader

Gap Consulting

Having partnered with Cantarus on several projects, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any organization that wants to make solid investments in technology to increase their success. From working closely with the business to identify strategies, goals and requirements, to implementing robust solutions on a wide range of platforms, Cantarus continually demonstrate themselves to be knowledgeable, driven, honest and capable.

A. Gallery
Solutions Architect


Cantarus went above and beyond their remit to help ensure our re-launched site on the DNN platform worked as expected. Their expertise and accommodating service has been first-class and we have no hesitation in recommending them to companies looking for a professional IT service partner.

Julius To'o
International Asset Management

Knight Kavanagh & Page

“Cantarus has worked closely with us on projects at regional and national levels, translating our ideas on interactive web-based information systems into real products that have guaranteed client satisfaction.

P. Millward
Principal Consultant

Sports Direct

Cantarus was considered for their Gold Partner status and dominance as the premier UK supplier of DNN to provide development, integration and training services for

Jay Lyford
IT Manager

Gap Consulting

“Cantarus have met every challenge we’ve thrown their way. The quality of their team, commitment and flexibility is first class. They’ve always been able to deliver on the most demanding of projects and take every step to ensure customer satisfaction.”

A. Dudley
Managing Director

Pathways for Health

“Your quick responses and the clarity of your communications are both excellent and efficient. We really valued your ability to focus on solutions to problems and resolve them expediently and are very pleased with our new website. Thank you for all your help.”

S. Normanton

PH Jones

“You have provided us with a cost-effective hosted solution vital to the efficient operation of our mobile service teams that has proven effective and reliable. The support provided by your team has also been excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

R. Nuttall
Operations Director

SDN Consultancy

“Cantarus consistently delivers high quality work. They are always efficient and very helpful, and deal with unexpected problems quickly and effectively. They are always extremely pleasant and helpful to deal with which is why I go back to them.”

M. Ovenden


Working with Cantarus has been great and they are always on the other end of the line if we need them. Everyone is fantastic, they come across very open and professional and I would absolutely recommend their services. 

P. Lamb
Marketing Manager

ST*R Learning

Lee and the team at Cantarus have repeatedly gone the extra mile to help us choose the best solutions when designing and launching our websites for ST*R Learning and Worldwide Management Training Ltd. Knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and jargon-free. Brilliant service - thanks ?from all at ST*R Learning

R. Stent
Managing Director

Raffenday Limited

We have just completed a reconfiguration of several VPN links between our UK and Eastern European sites, as well as several UK home office workers to improve bandwidth and efficiency. Lee was my sole contact with this project and completed it in an efficient and friendly professional manner. I had some doubts at the start of the project that this type of configuration could be completed completely remotely. I felt that it would be necessary to be locally familiar with the client’s hardware setup and also their working practices. But Lee seemed to very easily establish a feel for the requirements and understand our needs and objectives. Based on his very professional and friendly service I have appointed Cantarus as our contracted support for all our Sonic Wall products.

N. Carter
Technical Director

Hazel Grove High School

I hired Lee and Cantarus to design a new website for our School. I cannot recommend Cantarus enough, they produced a professional looking website, which met our requirements exactly.

I. Faulkner
Deputy ICT Manager

Brett And Randall

We have used Cantarus for Sonicwall support for nearly 12 months. During this time we have moved premises which obviously had implications for our Firewall configuration. Lee was available on a Saturday to reconfigure our devices and during this time each query we had was dealt with in so much detail that Lee not only resolved our issues to complete satisfaction, but also upskilled my colleague at the same time! Cantarus truly understand not only how to configure a firewall, but more importantly the implications to technology on our business. Invaluable.

G. Worth
Systems and Training Manager


Very happy with our new website which Cantarus has delivered on DotNetNuke. I have had great advice and support throughout the project, and cannot wait to develop the website from this point onwards. Thank you!

J. Walker
Business Administrator

ST*R Learning

We have been using a DotNetNuke website for several years and needed to upgrade the outdated site. I am very pleased to have chosen Cantarus to carry out the upgrade and transfer hosting to their servers. They have been easy to communicate with and have given good support throughout the process. I am now confident that ST*R Learning's website is in capable hands.

C. Thompson
Commercial Director

Design Motive

Cantarus have hosted some of our DotNetNuke websites for a few years now. They helped us get up to speed with DotNetNuke itself in the early days, especially in regard to live deployment. Their Virtual Dedicated Server hosting is great value and has been fully reliable, and their multi-level backup system recently saved our bacon! We have always found their support to be fast, responsive and helpful. One particular day was so good I felt compelled to tweet about it.

S. Holmes
New Media Manager

Gap Consulting

Absolutely delighted with our new website which Cantarus has delivered on DotNetNuke. I have had great advice and support throughout the project, and am looking forward to how the website develops from this point onwards. Now we have DotNetNuke we can provide new website features as they come onto the market. Thank you!

E. Bannister
Business Manager

Stroke Association

Our old intranet was clunky and under used so we wanted to develop a new intranet to improve information sharing and joint working across our charity. Following a tendering process Cantarus won the contract to build a new DotNetNuke based intranet for us. They have been great to work with, producing clear documentation and liaising effectively with our internal project team to ensure that everyone was on board and up to speed as the project progressed.

M. Warburton
Editorial and Publications Manager

Tennants Distribution

Working with Cantarus was smooth and efficient, we conducted a weekend migration to prevent disruption to the business and the planning phase was covered so well that the implementation was straight forward. Cantarus provided us with a centrally-managed network with increased availability and flexibility through a virtually constructed environment which was exactly the technology we had been waiting for.

A. Taylor
IT Manager

Herrington & Carmichael

"It is such a luxury to have someone on the end of a phone who we can talk to completely independently and I would definitely recommend your services to others - or perhaps not? After all - I don't want them to have the considerable business advantage of your wisdom!!"

J. Quilliam
IT Manager

Conduct I.T

“Our business is a 24x7 operation where even a few seconds of downtime is a problem. Having worked with Cantarus for several years with such demanding requirements, I would recommend them to anyone.”

D. James
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