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Guest Blog from the IPT's Georgina Nicolettos

August 2018 2 min read

Redesigning and redeveloping our website with Cantarus was a fantastic journey which has resulted in our new website now incredibly more inviting and user-friendly.

As one of the project leads at the IPT, Cantarus was the obvious choice for us to contract to help redesign and develop our new website based on the heavy support they provided throughout and the value for money on the overall cost, two very important factors for the IPT as a small charity who have a team of 13.

Our old website was no longer fit for purpose and we valued how much time Cantarus spent understanding the work of the IPT and what the key objectives of our website were. In doing this, Cantarus had a fantastic understanding of what they needed to design to ensure our user journey is as clear and easy as it is today.

As the Events Manager at the IPT, registering for events online was a key feature we wanted to improve. As a result of Cantarus understanding this and building a variety of bespoke RSVP systems for us to choose from, our digital sign up’s have seen an annual increase of 20% since we launched the new website.

With a clear branding and uniform look at the IPT, it was important our website reflected this. Cantarus built a selection of options which all grasped our style and considered all features and sensitivities when creating this content.

Lastly, as I mentioned before, we can’t thank the heavy support provided by the Cantarus team. Throughout all the design, testing and post-launch periods, Cantarus created a heavy support system to ensure we could address any changes that needed to be made.

A super special thanks to Mubin and Cai who were absolute website heroes in working on this project with us!

Georgina Nicolettos, Events & Training Manager, IPT

Written by Georgina Nicolettos Events & Training Manager, IPT

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author unless explicitly stated. Unless of course, the article made you laugh, in which case, all credit should be directed towards our marketing department.