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My First Cantarus Event: A Recap

July 2019 4 min read

My first Cantarus event was a big success.

When I first joined the Cantarus team, one of the things that stood out was the prospect of attending networking events as part of my role in the marketing team. This was something new to me, but I was so keen to do it. Not only is it a day out of the office and away from the laptop screen, but it's also an opportunity to really get stuck into the business side of things, meet new people and spend time with the wider team. So when I was asked to attend the chase live event, I was excited to see just what these events are all about.

Cantarus' stand at the 2019 chase live conference

Pulling into Euston the day before, I was feeling pretty relaxed/mostly excited. I met my colleagues in the hotel bar, we had a glorious Italian for dinner (so many carbs) to prep us for the big day, then headed back to the hotel for an early night.

On the Day

After several snoozes of my 6:30am alarm, I was up. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get ready and squeeze in a pit-stop at the hotel breakfast. At 7:45am it was go-time, so I headed off, Google Maps in-hand like a proper Northerner who can’t navigate themselves around the streets of London alone.

I arrived at the venue just before 8am and it was already getting busy. I was a little bit nervy – it was my first ever event, let alone my first Cantarus event, and no matter how much I’d practiced the spiel to say to delegates/prospective clients, you really don’t know what you’ll come out with until you’re in the moment. A few conversations down and I realised there’s no point in spouting out anything too sales-y because it doesn’t work and it’s just not natural. After all, delegates are there to enjoy the day and learn more, so instead, I went with the approach of informing them, answering any questions and finding out what they were interested in.

My colleagues had very kindly offered to go to the venue early to set up our stand as they’d done it a million times before. I know I’m slightly biased, but our stand was hands-down the best one there. People were coming over just to let us know it was their favourite too. I mean, look at it. 

Cantarus' exhibition stand at chase live 2019

Throughout the day, there were lots of high-quality keynote speakers ranging from Dame Esther Rantzen DBE to Alastair Campbell, but of course, the best talk was from our Principal Consultant, Tom Walters – just check out the clip on YouTube. Any talk involving AI, killer robots and ending with the hashtag #LoveYourToaster has to be a knockout. Tom’s talk proved popular, with plenty of people praising it in the exhibition room afterward.

Tom talking at chase live 2019

Cantarus' Tom Walters talks at chase live 2019 conference - Artificial Intelligence

One of the things we were most excited about on the day was the chase live app – built on our app platform, MemConnect (shameless plug). The Hart Square team – who run the chase events – absolutely loved it, and delegates were really pleased with the app on the day too.

We were also active on our social media channels (follow us if you don’t already on Twitter and LinkedIn) throughout the day, engaging with delegates and encouraging people to come over and say hi.

Cantarus Twitter feed - chase live 2019 live tweeting

Cantarus Twitter feed - live tweeting from Tom's lightning talk at chase live 2019

Networking, networking, networking

The whole day centred around networking and meeting people. Fortunately, everybody at the event was super friendly and open to chat, and not only was it an opportunity to ‘sell’ Cantarus and MemConnect but it was also really beneficial for me to learn more about the industry as a whole and the sort of engagement techniques other businesses are using.

After lunch, more keynote sessions commenced, and soon it was the 4pm lull. This is basically the time of the day where everyone is either attending the final sessions or they’ve already hopped on the tube home. We took this time to be really productive and see who could get the best score on Candy Crush (see the below giant iTab featuring giant Candy Crush in all its glory). 

Cantarus with Giant iTab mobile device for online demos at chase live 2019 - Candy Crush

Cantarus team at chase live

Tom at chase live 2019

At 5pm, it was all over. After a slightly stressful dismantle of the stand, making sure the correct labels were attached to the correct boxes and we hadn’t left anything crucial behind, it was time for my personal highlight: post-event drinks. The majority of delegates actually stuck around once the day came to a close which was really nice to see. We made our way into the evening sun, cold glasses of prosecco bubbling in our hands, and reflected on what was overall, a pretty great day.

Cantarus team enjoy networking drinks at chase live 2019 event

So to recap: my first Cantarus (and first ever) event was definitely a success. I’m looking forward to the next one already!

Didn’t catch us at chase live, but want to know more about Cantarus or MemConnect? Get in touch!

Image Sources:

Images either my own or provided by the Hart Square team

Written by Tabby Duff Aspiring Expert Exhibitor

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author unless explicitly stated. Unless of course, the article made you laugh, in which case, all credit should be directed towards our marketing department.