Digital Membership Specialists

Cantarus is a renowned provider of a wide range of digital solutions specifically designed for use in the membership sector. Our renowned track record of delivering successful websites has now been strengthened by the introduction of the MemConnect™ app, a brand new way for organisations to connect to their members whether they’re in the office, at home or on the move.

Make Content More Accessible

The Cantarus search feature makes it easier than ever before for your members to find content relevant to them. Avoid creating duplicate content by adding tags to pages and building a robust site-wide taxonomy. Become the foremost information-sharing hub in your industry by making it quicker and easier for members and non-members to access information that can help in their career progression. Reduce the number of clicks required to access the most relevant content through the implementation of the Cantarus mega menu module.

Grow Member Networks

Give your members the ability to grow their professional networks like never before with a new member search tool and messaging capabilities. Our state-of-the art engagement tools empower your community managers to build member communities centred around common interests and ideas.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Multi-platform engagement is a necessary strategy for the future of membership organisations to connect with members and their changing consumption patterns. Right content, right time, right channel. It is unrealistic to expect modern users to find content themselves, so do it for them. Consistent branding on all messaging, reinforces brand strength and drives sales.

Gather Data to Truly Know Your Members

Get a complete picture of your members’ preferences and how they like to receive news and event updates. Opportunity to improve and tailor your services package to your members. Obtain knowledge that was previously unknowable. Identify which members are likely to become vocal influencers and deliver content at the right time and on the right platform.

Website Supporting a Single Integrated CRM System

Cantarus’ continuing partnership with Silverbear has yielded an integrated website-CRM solution that takes the hassle out of users managing many disparate systems. Remove a substantial portion of the initial build scope complexity, cost and risk. The Cantarus Technical Support Helpdesk acts as a single point of contact for all clients, eliminating the confusion of dealing with separate systems providers.

Your Website Becomes an Enabler

Focus on increasing your organisation’s value proposition rather than site maintenance. Easily assign employee content editor privileges and give access to appropriate sections of your site. Reduce the delays and complexity associated with the content publication process.

Reflect your Reputation

Reflect your position as one of the leading voices in the industry project a strong first impression to prospective members. Utilise Cantarus’ cutting-edge eye-tracking analysis tools to organise website layout so that all of the key information is visible to users immediately after being directed to the page.

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