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Our People

Our business is exceptional because our people are exceptional. Get to know the people that make Cantarus what it is.

Our transformation from a humble, two-person IT Solutions Provider to one of the most distinguished digital agencies in the UK is largely due to the type of people that we employ. From the top-down, each Cantarus team member contributes immensely to the success of the business, as well as making it a truly great place to work. Get to know us - as business contacts and as people.

Lee Adams

Managing Director & Co-founder

Lee’s love of all things digital began with writing software in assembly language in his mid-teens. He studied for a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, graduating with first-class honours.

After graduating, he joined Accenture where he was one of their top-performing Consultants before leaving to co-found Cantarus. He now leads the strategic and business developments aspects of the business, including MemConnect, and manages a number of key client and partner relationships.

Lee has overseen Cantarus projects for Barclays, Worldpay and Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

On the rare occasions that Lee finds time to take a break from work, he enjoys travelling the globe where he enjoys sampling the local culture and finding new and exotic delicacies to which he is allergic. An avid former Muay Thai boxer, Lee has left the world of close-quarters combat behind him to focus on offering insightful analysis from the comfort of his armchair.

Darrin Addams

Executive Director & Co-founder

Darrin has a strong background in both computing and electrical engineering having completed a Master’s degree in Software Engineering at the University of Sheffield where he also lectured for a time.

After working in a number of technical and consultancy roles, including for CGEY for several years, Darrin co-founded Cantarus and now leads the technical function alongside active involvement in business development and project delivery.

Darrin has taken leading roles in Cantarus projects for Sports Direct, Ministry of Defence (via Serco), Investec, Barclays and B&Q.

As the token extreme sports enthusiast at Cantarus, Darrin laughs in danger’s face with his skiing exploits across the French Alps and a penchant for riding a motorcycle to work on his morning commute. After a hard day of pushing the limit’s of the human body, Darrin likes to relax with the odd sonata on his very own grand piano.

Our Management Team

Mike Cundall

Head of Professional Services

Mike joined Cantarus on its undergraduate placement program in 2009 before graduating from the University of Manchester top of his year with a first-class degree in Computing with Business Applications.

Wendy Wardle

Accounts Manager

Wendy has been at Cantarus since its infancy and as well as excelling as our Accounts Manager, has earned a reputation for constantly keeping our biscuit tin replenished. When not at work, Wendy can be found rambling across the North-West countryside.

Mubin Al-Haddad

Customer Success Manager

Mubin joined Cantarus in 2016 and heads up our Customer Success offering by providing ongoing, dedicated support, to Cantarus’ existing client base.

Christopher Gray

Infrastructure Services Manager

As Infrastructure Manager, Chris is responsible for our Hosting services that we provide to clients, as well as making sure that our own internal systems are running smoothly.