App Design

Our app design process is rooted in the UX design philosophy, shifting the focus to your users and improving their experience with the app.

Optimised Navigation

The user journey is vastly different on mobiles and tablets, as compared to the desktop experience. We make sure that we layer plenty of hints and tips within the app interface so that the users know exactly what they need to do to access certain information and discover new sections of the app.


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Perfect for Mobile Screen Size

Your customers expect an app experience that is equal to, if not greater, than a desktop computer experience. This is not always easy to achieve given that the mobile screen real estate is far smaller than that of the typical PC and that our chubby little fingers are always in the way. Our app design principle is to always consider the user and to make their journey as delightful and frictionless as possible.

A Focus on Simplicity

Avoid cluttering your app with unnecessary content and concentrate on what will make your users happy. We conduct comprehensive research prior to any app design project so we know your users' likes, dislikes, aims and objectives - and then build a tailored app around these sentiments.

A man wearing white Nike trainers and lifting one heel off the ground.

Building the Sports Direct mCommerce App

Over 1 million downloads, and countless taps later, Sports Direct leverages the Cantarus solution to power their mobile eCommerce platform worldwide.

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App Solutions
App Development App Development

App Development

Based on your desired features, budget, and development timeframe, we'll work with you to determine which app option is best suited to your business, from bespoke to off-the-shelf platform apps. Whether you are after a completely customised app tailored to your offering, our software functions exactly as you need it.

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M-Commerce M-Commerce


The new marketplace is here - ensure that your organisation is ready to meet the changing demands of the modern consumer by offering an interactive mobile e-commerce platform able to instantly engage potential customers. By utilising advanced gesture support, we can provide a deep and engaging experience for shoppers that also feels incredibly organic. Significantly reduce conversion friction by adding context-sensitive keyboards, 'drag-and-drop' shopping carts and lightning-fast checkout functionality.

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MemConnect MemConnect


Leveraging the Cantarus and Silverbear membership solution stack to create a powerful, accessible and cost-effective engagement platform. Market your own branded app, available at the fraction of the cost of custom-developed alternatives and increase engagement across multiple devices.

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