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Not your agency, your team.

Somewhere between strategy and pragmatism. We've been delighting our customers, and our customers' customers since 2003.


We think our work speaks for itself when it comes to customer success, but if you're interested to know how we achieve such spectacular results this is the page for you.

In summary, we bring bright, passionate people with personality to work with your people as one team.

We're so proud of our process that we even named it!


Our Secret Sauce

Through our many years’ industry experience across many sectors and verticals, we’ve created and refined our own working process – Cantarus Sphere. Based on the Agile methodology, our process allows us to deliver outstanding results in a predictable, repeatable manner.

The Sphere principals are as follows:

  1. Engage with our clients on a continuous basis,
  2. Deliver value as early as possible, then refine,
  3. Centre every decision on our users and their experience,
  4. Maintain strategic thinking at every level,
  5. Simplicity over complexity.

Combined with the industry-proven Agile project methodology, our working process ensures that our digital partnerships continually flourish and deliver exceptional results even within constrained timeframes, in an extremely efficient manner.

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One Team

When aiming to build digital solutions that excel and delight users we believe close working relationships drive quality, honesty, and integrity throughout both the initial project life cycle, and long into the future. Therefore, we encourage open communication between members of both organisations, and continually invest in these relationships to guarantee digital success.

Our approach works so well that we consistently deliver on time and on budget. Even more than that, our customers are extremely happy with us months and years after we've delivered solutions, meaning our latest Net Promoter Score is an incredible +83 (otherwise known as Excellent - with a capital E!).