Our Process

Building software is a complex process. We've created, refined, and road-tested ours with some of the UK's biggest names.



Understanding what to build is often the most complicated part of software development. We’ll work with you to define the elements of a successful digital experience. This stage is our opportunity to ensure that our partnership is reinforced through a shared understanding of the overarching vision of the project.

Design / UX

Creative & UX Design

Design is at the heart of everything we do. Our team will work with you to carefully craft interactions that guide your users through our solutions, with designs that pay close attention to the details that matter. The user is always at the centre of our design process.



The implementation phase is conducted in development sprints with progress and ‘show and tell’ updates provided at the end of each sprint.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Before go-live, we’ll need to make sure that the functionality meets the requirements of the end-user. Each feature therefore enters UAT, and this is where you can evaluate the functionality and offer any final feedback.

Cutover / Go-live

Cutover & Go-live

We’ll build an extensive Cutover Plan detailing the various tasks and interdependencies associated with migrating from a staging environment into production. The plan includes a clear indication of responsibility for tasks, estimated duration, and order in which the tasks need to be done. We offer on-site support throughout go-live to ensure a smooth transition to your new environment. This is supplemented by our office-based team working closely throughout the process – guaranteeing that the developers who worked on the project are available for immediate troubleshooting in the unlikely event that any issues arise.


Delivering Excellence on  Time  and  Budget

 Building software is complex. We've spent years creating, refining, and road-testing our process with some of the UK's biggest names. Each project we work on is different, but our approach to delivering the best results isn’t.

Steps to Success

Supporting the key steps to success, we've engineered a refined project lifecycle for fully integrated digital solutions. As part of the Cantarus Sphere methodology, this working process ensures that our projects consistently follow a pattern of success, leading to projects delivered on time and on budget.






We execute projects in an Agile environment that aims to deliver real value as early as possible. In order to achieve this, we apply the Scrum Methodology to our implementation phase. This process allows us to operate a tight feedback loop with our clients, which continually refines the solution we’re building in a highly efficient environment.





The process starts with the generation of a backlog – a series of User Stories (which encapsulate a small area of functionality) – which are then grouped into short development cycles which usually last between one to two weeks and are known as Sprints.