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Launching the memcom Event App with MemConnect

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  • 01 July '19
  • 2 mins
  • Tabby Duff

memcom is an organisation dedicated to serving professional associations, membership organisations, and the not-for-profit sector, in order to drive it forwards and celebrate success. Each year, memcom holds a conference followed by an awards ceremony, featuring over 50 high-profile speakers and cutting-edge suppliers all sharing their insights and expertise.

2019 was memcom’s 20th anniversary, so they were keen to do something new and innovative to celebrate. Cantarus offered to design and build a bespoke mobile event app for the event using our app platform MemConnect, aimed specifically at the membership sector.

What does the memcom app offer for users?

The memcom app is fully intuitive, giving delegates the ability to tailor their itinerary for the event. Delegates can select which sessions they want to attend and check out various speaker biographies. The app was available for download by anyone – whether a leader in the membership sector, an attendee of the memcom conference or awards, or even if you were unable to attend.

One of the great things about an event app with MemConnect is that they are all-year-round – you won’t just uninstall it once the day is done. With the memcom app, the team are planning to add content including photos from the day and insights following the event, so it’s definitely a useful one to keep in your downloads.

MemConnect offers the flexibility that memcom required in order to meet their needs. memcom were really happy with the overall process of delivering their event app, and the relationship they have with the Cantarus and MemConnect teams. This has ensured the delivery of a fantastic app which was also a huge success on the day – delegates said that it was useful to be able to keep up with sessions and the day’s events.

For the first time at memcom we were delighted to be able to offer our delegates an event app, built on the MemConnect platform. Delegates were able to view the conference programme and speaker details on their mobiles and even create a personalised itinerary to customise their schedule. Push notifications and event photo uploads during the day provided real-time updates and sponsor pages and social media integrations supported networking opportunities. The app was straightforward and intuitive to use, and really upgraded the event experience for our delegates. The Cantarus team are absolute experts in their field and we were particularly impressed with all the ideas they helped us generate in the initial discovery meeting. We look forward to exploring phase two of the app and building on the success.

Deborah Hockham Director of memcom

Headshot of Cantarus' Senior Content Marketer, Tabby

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