Experts in Digital

We offer consultancy across all digital projects, with a focus on driving strategic solutions over tactical fixes. Our experience across the entire digital landscape, encompassing a multitude of sectors and verticals enables us to provide a comprehensive consultancy offering.


Any engagement with Cantarus begins with a focus on the problem you're trying to solve. We are committed to building excellent experiences in software, but recognise that the website or app is only a vehicle.



Building a website is straightforward. Crafting an engaging, long-term, digital experience is the hard part. We consult with organisations to ensure the platforms they create utilise cutting-edge tools that reduce the risk associated with using out-of-date technology.



We understand that the day you launch your new solution is only the first step. Focusing on flexibility and the long-term from day one is key to a successful project.


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Style & Substance

Excellence in user experience begins with a design that perfectly represents your brand, while not compromising on functionality. Our collaborative process ensures that our designs capture the user's imagination and are intuitive enough to require no explanation. Take a look at some of the design work we did for Serco and the UK Defence Academy, and see how a redesign of your site can do wonders for your users' experience.

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Our Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy across all our core services (web, apps, design, marketing and hosting), as well as working with organisations looking to explore projects with a digital component.


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