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DNN Gold Partner

As a DNN Gold Partner and a five-time winner of the DNN Global Partner of the Year Award, we know exactly what we're doing with your DNN-powered solution.

What is DNN?

DNN is an open source content management system that puts gives users complete control over their site’s content. In addition to its powerful content editing capabilities, DNN offers unparalleled security features that range from granular user permissions to threat analysis tools.

DNN Evoq Content

  • Easy and quick content creation and management
  • No need for IT to get involved, empowers those without technical expertise to become master content curators.
  • Built for the modern business, in which the content creation process reaches beyond department boundaries. Workflow management features allow you to broaden your pool of content contributors whilst ensuring that you have final say over the publishing.
  • Cloud-based asset repository – users know that all images will be in one place.
  • Evoq Content prides itself on responsive design, necessary due to the increase in mobile searches.
  • Ability to personalise content for each visitor, boosting engagement and building relationships with customers. Decreasing attention spans mean that they expect a personalised experience.
  • Understand your content inside and out with DNN Evoq Content’s comprehensive analytics tools that track page traffic, average time spent on page and even the number of conversions per page. 

DNN Evoq Engage

  • User participation is driven by hands-on community managers that drive discussion and engagement. Evoq Engage provides a wealth of information for content managers to create a vibrant online community.
  • Measure engagement and participation figures through the Analytics tool.
  • Gamification functionality to award your users with points, badges and prizes to stimulate contributions and the sharing of user-generated content.
  • Easy member account management. Grant or limit member access at the click of a button.
  • Allows you to listen to the community and then make changes with a dynamic to-do-list.

DNN Evoq for Intranets

  • Granular permissions allow you to restrict departments to only update their section of their website.
  • Ensure that your employees stay up to date with company news and information with powerful publishing tools.
  • Collaboration tools that help users search for subject matter experts to answer their specific question rather than referring to “cookie-cutter” wiki answers. User groups.
  • Details about trade shows, town hall meetings and shareholder meetings can be listed on your intranet. Employees can RSVP to an event listing and leave comments.
  • Activity feed turns your intranet into a “social intranet”, shared links, photo and video uploads, discussions, ideas, etc.