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Customer Success

Ensuring the on-going success of our clients' projects is key to the Cantarus approach.

Our Customer Success team is here to support you after your initial project has been launched. We understand that each client has a completely different set of needs and unique working processes, and we adapt our support approach to suit you.

By combining industry-leading expertise with a friendly and efficient approach, our team aims to resolve any issues you may have as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

The Cantarus Helpdesk is the first-line support for our clients, the process for accessing support is as follows:



support desk process



Timebank Support

We have created the Timebank Support model to provide the most efficient level of support to our clients. Rather than charge an arbitrary amount for 'unlimited support', our clients purchase a pre-agreed amount of time each month that is then deposited in the Timebank to be used for any operational support enquiries. Any unused Timebank deposits will then roll over to the next month (for up to three months).

For example, at the start of May 2017 client X can purchase three days of Timebank support. If the Cantarus support team then provide two and a half days worth of support during the month of May, half a day will still be available at the beginning of June.

Clients receive weekly reports regarding their Timebank consumption and will be immediately notified if their Timebank deposit drops to certain thresholds.

Timebank support can be used for the complete range of Cantarus professional services including development, creative design, infrastructure and strategic consultancy.

Unlike traditional customer support models where the client demand can easily exceed the supply of support available, Timebank ensures that there will always be expert developers on hand throughout the day.