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MemConnect - The Mobile App for Membership

A Powerful, Accessible and Cost-effective Engagement Platform

Leveraging our extensive experience in the Membership sector, we've built the sector's only dedicated mobile app solution, designed to boost member value and drive engagement.

MemConnect is our very own cross-platform mobile app designed for membership organisations of all sizes and sectors. As a white label solution, MemConnect can be customised to match your organisation's brand and digital offerings.


Customise and Iterate

MemConnect allows you to easily turn features on and off. If your members will value offline resources but have no use for a dicussion forum, MemConnect will adapt. Each feature, or Connector, prodives additional functionality and connects to a 3rd-party service such as a CRM or CMS.

Our extensive library of Connectors allows you to build the app that is right for you and leverage the investment of every organisation on the platform. Investing in MemConnect means building upon an existing product while also having the flexibility to add Custom Connectors for any system you might currently use.


An illustration of a phone with animated characters taking part in a conference above the screen.

User Focused

Designed for both members and non-members, MemConnect allows you to engage with prospective members and encourage them to apply for membership. Features such as our streamlined renewal process is quicker and easier than desktop and therefore drives retention. Reach members with push notifications for relevant content, and drive engagement across your audience.

Don't reinvent, simply integrate

Integration with existing systems is key to the power of MemConnect. We're not trying to compete with industry leading tools for events or CRM. Instead, MemConnect integrates with ease, and unifies your organisation's existing systems into one cohesive experience for users.




Target the audience that matters to you

Use data personalised push notifications to deliver the most relevant content and information to your members. Send reminders to your members to renew their membership or inform them of special offers. Collect valuable insights from your members using MemConnect's robust analytics features.

The Long Term Strategy

Rather than addressing tactical fixes to short-term problems, we built MemConnect to provide a strong strategic solution for organisations in membership. Having worked with some of the industry's biggest names, we continually invest in the product with feedback from our customers informing our roadmap.

We also bring our expertise from the commercial sector to every discussion with our clients in membership. Before starting any mobile app project, we ask whether or not an app is even required. Ensuring that an organisation's members and potential members will derive value from an app (MemConnect or otherwise) is key to delivering a successful project.



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