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Cantarus Delivers International Website On DNN

October 2013 2 min read

We are happy to announce that we have recently delivered a fully-internationalised site on the DNN Evoq Content Platform. Symphony EYC (www.eyc.com) are a global leader in retail optimisation solutions; who partner with leading retailers and manufacturers in over 70 countries worldwide. After a recent merger, Symphony EYC engaged with Cantarus to deliver a multi-phase website project to help them synergise two diverse brands into a single engaging, responsive and multi-lingual website.

Using the DNN Evoq Content platform, Cantarus utilised the powerful toolset that DNN provides in order to realise this objective. Since version 7.1 of the platform, DNN provides incredibly flexible ways in which, non-technical, editors can localise the content of their sites. By using this in addition to a suite of fully-localisable, Cantarus developed modules, we were able to deploy a site localised in three different languages – English, German (www.eyc.com/de) and French (www.eyc.com/fr).

By using powerful workflows and the core translator security roles in DNN; Symphony EYC are able to provide native language speakers in each of the local office, access to the DNN CMS interface, allowing the users who have the core business knowledge in each geographical location to easily update the content across the site. One of the key requirements from Symphony EYC for the local language sites was to keep things simple. As such Cantarus utilised the flexibility of the DNN platform to deliver a different homepage layout for the local sites. By cutting down on the content on the local homepages, whilst still maintaining a consistent look and feel, delivers an engaging website that is easy to manage by local editors without affecting the primary, English focussed, corporate website.

Symphony EYC Mobile OptimisedSupporting this functionality lies a state-of-the-art content delivery network in order to improve the delivery of the web pages to the users in each of the various locations in the world. Utilising 23 data-centres across the globe, content is delivered at lightning speeds across all offices in Europe and the Americas.

Supporting the localisation aspects of this website, is a fully responsive, bespoke, DNN skin that renders the site correctly on any consumer device. The site will tailor the content correctly for smartphones and tablet devices allowing users to seamlessly browse the website across all platform mediums.

For more information on the work we completed for Symphony EYC, see our case study here: Case Studies

Written by Cantarus