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Cantarus Donates PolyDeploy Module to DNN Community

February 2018 2 min read

Manchester, 30 Jan 2018 // Cantarus, a world-leading DNN Gold Partner has announced the release of the PolyDeploy module – a brand-new development workflow tool that greatly improves the DNN module deployment process. 

The deployment of multiple modules at once can be a challenging process, especially if several developers are working on the same project. PolyDeploy aims to resolve these issues by automating the uploading of modules, reducing the risk of human error.

The PolyDeploy tool includes the following features:

  • The ability to install multiple modules at once,
  • Scans packages to identify any dependencies and then installs modules in the correct order,
  • Comprehensive auditing to provide valuable feedback, and draws attention to any possible security breaches,
  • Can be used in collaboration with continuous integration to allow for ongoing testing.

PolyDeploy is a highly secure tool. User access to the deployment interface can be restricted through a two-way cryptographic key system, which prevents package tampering and stops users from making deployments on another user’s behalf. Each user is assigned a unique API key, consequently; any deployment issues can be traced back to a certain user, eliminating time wasted in search of the root cause. Additionally, an IP whitelisting feature ensures that modules can only be deployed from trusted domains that have already been cleared by the Administrator.

“We wanted to give something back to the community, and the PolyDeploy module is the perfect opportunity for us to do so. PolyDeploy is going to make the entire process of deploying a module far simpler, quicker, and more secure. We have begun using PolyDeploy for a number of our own projects, and the impact on our internal processes has been astonishing – cutting deployment time in half and reducing the number of failed deployments.” said Steven Fisher, Cantarus’ Strategic Development and Platforms Manager.

PolyDeploy can be downloaded from GitHub right now, more information on the features and benefits of PolyDeploy can be found here.

Steven will be showcasing a more in-depth look at PolyDeploy and its range of business applications at DNN Summit 2018, taking place at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in Denver, CO from 6-8 February 2018. 

Written by Cantarus