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Cantarus Launches New INTO Partner Portal

June 2017 1 min read

As part of an ongoing digital transformation project for INTO University Partnerships, Cantarus has rolled out the INTO Partner Portal,  a new information-sharing platform to improve communication between INTO and its agent partners.

Cantarus Managing Director, Lee Adams commented “We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be able to guide such an essential element of INTO’s business process. Our development team has been able to apply their vast experience and knowledge to simplify the application process, improving the experience for both agents and end customers.

Cantarus introduced the following features to the new Partner Portal:

  • A simpler and more robust search feature that made it much easier for agents to find the information they needed.
  • Student applications can now be monitored throughout the entire process, making it easy to check the status of a single application.
  • Applications can now be easily passed between teams and offices via the online portal.
  • Central repository where all applications, online and offline, are stored.

Since the Partner Portal launched, over 3000 unique users have registered to use the service and the Global Application Form has received over 5000 applications.

INTO’s Partner Portal Business Owner, Stuart Coleman said “We’ve already invested a lot of money and hard work in the portal, and v2 is certainly a significant step in the right direction, but we will be continually re-evaluating what is needed by our agents, and this will drive the design for version 3 later this year!”

To learn more about how Cantarus could help in your business’s digital transformation, visit our Solutions page.

Written by Cantarus