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Cantarus Wins Technology Agency of the Year at 2018 memcom Awards

May 2018 2 min read

Cantarus has continued its strong 2018 by picking up the ‘Technology Agency of the Year’ award at the 2018 memcom awards.

The award recognises Cantarus’ commitment to providing high-quality digital services to organisations in the membership and professional association industries and further establishes Cantarus as the benchmark technology provider to these sectors.

Why Cantarus Won

Cantarus has a proven track record in providing digital services to the membership/associations sectors, and has worked with some of the industries' biggest names, including the Institute of Directors, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and the Chemical Industries Association.

Cantarus CEO, Lee Adams, explained the agency’s approach to working with the membership sector:
“We have established our position as the leading digital voice in the membership and association sphere. Our industry influence has not only been achieved by delivering projects for clients, but also by educating and informing the wider industry of the opportunities and pitfalls organisations may face when choosing their technology platforms. Furthermore, we have recently co-authored a guide on maximising member value that seeks to give non-technical individuals valuable and actionable insights on engaging members using technology.”

In addition to its membership expertise, Cantarus also prides itself on developing a long-term relationship with each of its clients.

Lee explained this approach, and how it differs from the traditional project delivery strategy:
"We believe in the value of long-term relationships with our clients. For us, project go-live is only day one of our relationship; we continue to provide outstanding support for the client through our Customer Success Team. Our proactive Customer Success Team separates itself from other support services via its ability and willingness to identify additional commercial and organisational opportunities for the client. These opportunities could range from implementing website plug-ins to improve performance to digital marketing services to build their brand and promote visibility. This modern approach to continuous evolution hasn’t been widely enough deployed in the membership sphere, and I believe it has been a significant contributing factor in winning the memcom award."

Next Steps

Cantarus recognises that digital education is an ongoing process, and that there is still much work to be done to develop a more enlightened approach towards technology in the membership and association industry.

"We are committed to cementing our position as the thought leader in the industry. To achieve this, we will continue to advise and guide membership organisations as to how to effectively engage with their members through multiple channels, including mobile platforms. Many organisations are unaware of the potential of the mobile app as an engagement tool, but our experience shows it’s too big an opportunity to miss” concluded Lee.

Cantarus will soon be launching its own membership app platform, MemConnect, which will give membership organisations access to a completely customised and brandable mobile app, without dealing with the excessive costs associated with bespoke app development and ongoing support and maintenance.

For more information on Cantarus’ membership offering, please visit their dedicated membership page.

Written by Cantarus