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DNN Officially Releases Evoq Social 1.1.2

February 2010 1 min read

DNN officially released Evoq Social 1.1.2 on Thursday 17th October, continuing the rapid release schedule that is seeing near-continuous improvement to DNN’s outstanding solution for building online communities. 

Here at Cantarus, we are very happy about the latest additions which include significant user experience enhancements and fixes: 

•Added ability to moderate new comments in Blogs 

 •Added ability to edit comments and replies within the 6 main user driven content modules (as comment author, moderator, etc.) 

•Added group mode support to additional modules (Answers, Wiki, Blogs) 

•Added ability to delete Wiki articles 

•Improved date and time selection in Blogs (to match Social Events) 

•Corrected several problems in multi-culture installs 

•Additional minor bug fixes and improvements were also part of the release

Written by Cantarus