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Cantarus DNN Partner of the Year 2015 - It's Four in a Row!

February 2016 1 min read

We are delighted to have received DNN's global Partner of the Year (PotY) award for 2015, our fourth PotY award in a row extending our record of having won every year since the award's inception in 2012.

Cantarus co-founder Lee Adams was thrilled with our latest award but also focused on the future:

"Winning our fourth consecutive global DNN Partner of the Year award is an incredible achievement and a glowing testament to the outstanding team behind the increasingly-recognised and respected Cantarus brand.  However, the executive team is very much focussed on 2016 and beyond as we continue to push into the enterprise market in the UK and Europe and further strengthen our partnership with DNN and strategic partners such as Silverbear.

Looking at 2016, we will see major milestones in in the form of the launch of the Institute of Director's new DNN Evoq Engage-based public website, our move to new offices to enable us to further expand our team and a continuing expansion of our product and service portfolio as part of our ongoing evolution into a world-class, full-service digital agency."

Written by Cantarus