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Cantarus Launches Nagios Cloud Hosting Services

March 2011 1 min read

Our purpose-built Nagios cloud hosting service is the premier Nagios hosting solution for value, reliability and performance. The Nagios software provides network managers with a user-friendly interface that empowers them to track resource utilisation enabling more efficient usage of network resources helping to drive down costs. 

Network managers can also implement customisable rules triggered when utilisation crosses defined thresholds. For example, if disk space is running low, CPU utilisation is high, a Windows service has stopped or an email server is not responding. Such monitoring enables proactive maintenance ensuring potential issues are addressed before they impact service to users. 

With a monitoring service that, for its own correct operation, is not reliant upon the infrastructure it monitors as is the case with the Cantarus Nagios cloud hosting service, network managers can ensure they are informed as soon as an event of interest arises. We can even set up private Twitter feeds or SMS notifications as additional options.

Written by Cantarus