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PolyDeploy: Painless Module Deployments for DNN

The development workflow tool that accelerates deployments for DNN developers.


The deployment of multiple modules at once can be a challenging process, especially if several developers are working on the same project.


Introducing PolyDeploy – the Development Workflow Tool


PolyDeploy revolutionises module deployment, leading to a far simpler, quicker, and more secure process.


  • Cantarus & DNN

    Cantarus & DNN

    Learn more about the development culture from which PolyDeploy was created. As the current holder of no less than sixteen global DNN partner awards, including Partner of the Year for five consecutive years, we are a world leader in implementing the DNN Content Management System.

    Web Development

See PolyDeploy in action at DNN Summit 2018

PolyDeploy was officially unveilled at DNN Summit 2018 by Cantarus’ Strategic Development and Platforms Manager, Steven Fisher. View the session below.

Watch The Video


Product Features

  • Simultaneous Module Installation Simultaneous Module Installation

    Simultaneous Module Installation

    Save time by uploading multiple modules at once with PolyDeploy’s simultaneous module installation functionality. Upload an infinite number of packages with a single click.

  • Comprehensive Package Scanning Comprehensive Package Scanning

    Comprehensive Package Scanning

    During the upload process, all modules are comprehensively scanned to identify dependencies. PolyDeploy will automatically determine the order in which each module needs to be uploaded, ensuring that you will never again need to specify the upload order – or worse yet: incur a failed installation due to incorrect ordering.

  • The Most Secure Module Uploading Solution The Most Secure Module Uploading Solution

    The Most Secure Module Uploading Solution

    Never worry about security risks again. Limit the number of users who can access the PolyDeploy user interface via a two-way cryptographic key system, which prevents package tampering and stops users deploying on another user’s behalf. Additionally, an IP whitelisting feature ensures that modules can only be deployed from trusted domains that have already been cleared by the Administrator.

  • Learn how to use PolyDeploy today

    Learn how to use PolyDeploy today

    Get started with PolyDeploy by downloading our clear, easy-to-understand documentation. We’ll guide you step-by-step and you’ll be simultaneously deploying modules in no time at all. Our friendly and support team are also on hand if you want to delve deeper into the world of PolyDeploy – raise an Issue on GitHub and our support staff will get back to you.

    Read the docs