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BigHand gives organisations the tools to create key productivity enhancements that create value for business, people, and clients. See how we supported them through a 3 stage Data & Analytics project.


Leverage the Power of your Data 

Whether you want a deeper understanding of your website’s effectiveness in meeting your goals, to dive further into your user journey or customer experience, or to gather detailed in-depth analysis into what your business needs to succeed, our Data & Analytics services are here to help.

Our dedicated web analytics team combines data and insight, business process monitoring, and world-class tools to empower clients with meaningful, actionable insights that drive tangible business results.

We’re not just an agency, we’re a partner – and we’re committed to seeing our client’s digital solutions thrive and succeed long-term.






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Our Data & Analytics team are ready to help you uncover a wealth of insight that can optimise your digital performance.

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At Cantarus, we pride ourselves on forward-thinking, data-fuelled decision making that allows your business to unlock greater potential. Our internal data and analytics expertise enables us to gather innovative insight for our clients that helps them truly understand digital on the deepest level. 

Get a handle on your website's performance with automated, tailored reporting from Cantarus. 

You'll receive a monthly report covering:

  • Website performance
  • Website accessibility
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics


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£695 per month with first 3 months free

3 free months included with 12 month schedule of work. Get in touch today to discuss how your data can work harder. 

The full suite of Data & Analytics services we offer:

As well as our monthly automated reporting, we also offer a huge range of bespoke and tailored data and analytics services. Just get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific requirements. 


Implementation of a suite of Google Products:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • Custom Search Engine

Implementation of custom tracking through Google Tag Manager at a project level:

  • Video plays
  • Downloads
  • External links
  • Transaction drop offs and completions
  • Survey drop-offs and completions

Reporting and Insights on Site Performance:

  • Automated reports on performance via Data Studio
  • Insight-driven manual reports (Performance, Accessibility, User Metrics, SEO)

Data Audits:

  • Historical data audits
  • Investigating anomalous data with thorough analysis
  • Clean-up of historical data in existing Data Studio dashboards


“After working with Cantarus since early 2020, we selected them to help us with BigHand's data and analytics. The team are easy to work with, professional and forward-thinking in their approach, and we’ve found them to be a fantastic support to BigHand.”
Danae Fisher, Digital Marketing Manager, BigHand