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The emergence of new technologies such as tablets and smartphones encourage online interactions, making collaboration richer than before; 46% of global internet users use social media to assist in their purchase decisions (Nielsen, 2012) and worldwide commerce revenue is set to total $30 billion by 2015 (360, 2012). People strive to stay informed about their favourite products and brands, using social networks to save time in making purchase decisions, and gaining post-purchase support. There is no better solution than a social collaboration website to assist employees, suppliers, partners and customers to create a community, breaking down communication and hierarchy barriers, empowering employees and building relationships.




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CEO's believe collaboration is key

Brand Communication


in 10 EU internet users consider it essential

Product Research


EU internet users research online for purchases

Why choose a cantarus developed DNN social community?

Creating your own social community on DNN platform, together with DNN Evoq Social, is the perfect solution to collaborate with followers of your business, without the restrictions found on social networking sites. You can adapt features to create a bespoke offering for your users to bring the conversations to you for the following benefits:

Increase buyer confidence Nurture word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging your supporters to connect with first time purchasers or sceptics and assist them on their journey by encouraging community recommendations.

Share knowledge: Allow all stakeholders to create wiki articles and blog posts to help support the business; share information and increase knowledge around your products and services.

Increase sales: Develop buyer confidence by providing downloadable tools, white-papers and webinars to win sales.

New ideas: Use your site to generate new product ideas from stakeholders, running online focus groups, providing review capabilities and creating feedback channels; you can analyse trending topics and use analytics to generate data from posts.

Build long-term relationships: Invite users to company events or allow them to create their own events to help support your brands.

Improve customer service: Reduce support costs, settle customer issues quickly and efficiently through Q&A forums, ease customer service operations and encourage brand support from enthusiasts.

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