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Bespoke, custom built Secure Hosting with Cantarus kalaniCloudTM

The Cantarus product development team created a premier quality, secure and scalable hosting infrastructure to safeguard businesses through kalaniCloudTM. As a leading cloud hosting platform, kalaniCloudTM combines state-of-the-art data centre facilities, virtualisation and hardware custom designed and built by Cantarus from a blend of best-of-breed technologies, kalaniCloudTM delivers enterprise class security, performance and availability without the enterprise price tag.


A multi-tenant solution, services for more than one client are hosted on the same virtual server. Clients can access a control panel, allowing them to administer their own service on this server whilst Cantarus maintain and secure it. As our most affordable type of hosting, it is best for websites with low-moderate traffic and CPU requirements, as surges in web traffic from other websites can affect your hosting.

A server dedicated to your business in terms of security, flexibility and manageability, it is quick to set up and easily upgradeable bringing most benefits of having your own dedicated physical server without the large costs. A VPS can be managed by Cantarus or unmanaged where you have the technical capabilities, in which case you maintain every aspect of your server and benefit from remote desktop access.

Used by larger enterprises to handle substantial computing tasks such as hosting very large websites balancing technology to distribute workload across multiple servers, tracking demand for processor power and prioritising tasks to meet the demands of users. If one server fails the inherit resiliency of the server farms ensures service delivery continues, uninterrupted.


Why Cloud Hosting?

To bring our customers the most flexible and scalable solutions, all kalaniCloudTM servers are virtual, providing numerous benefits…

REDUCED DOWNTIME: Efficient backup to improve disaster recovery, virtual servers can be restored quickly to reduce downtime

FREEDOM: Access multiple highly scalable applications and programmes at the same time on fewer hardware resources

FASTER SERVER DEPLOYMENT: Easily scalable, new servers can quickly be replicated and deployed

REDUCED COSTS: Greener and power efficient with no scheduled downtime for upgrades or repairs, virtual servers drive down costs which we can pass on to our customers for increased value

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Why host on kalaniCloudTM?

Cantarus provide quality and value, while other hosting solutions may appear misleadingly cost effective, you will be compromising the reliability and benefits we deliver as a professional hosting solutions provider. If you are wondering why we are different, here are a few reasons...

SOPHISTICATED SECURITY AND CONTROL: In a world where online attacks are ever more prevalent, the security of your servers is critical to uphold your reputation, prevent data leaks, protect financial data/trade secrets and prevent hackers from ruining your business. Our redundant 8-core Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls block viruses, spyware and intrusion attempts in real time and added features such as Geo-IP blocking allows you to control access by country and Botnet Filtering can block access from/to known botnet IPs ensuring you are secure at all times. Additionally you can reduce the risk of infection and online attacks through controlling which websites can be accessed from your servers.

99.982% SERVICE AVAILABILITY: Component redundancy is baked-in to the architecture with a Tier 3 datacentre; component failures of power distribution boards, network switches, network cables, firewalls, storage controllers cannot interrupt the performance and availability of our servers.

AUTOMATICALLY LOAD BALANCED DATACENTRES: Essential in ensuring website visitors see fast page load times (increasing your Google page rank) and the availability of remote desktops and applications is rapid for increased user satisfaction and productivity; our virtual servers move to the least loaded hardware to deliver consistently outstanding performance.

AUTOMATIC RECOVERY: Virtual servers are automatically restarted elsewhere on reserved spare capacity within kalaniCloud™ in the unlikely event a physical server should fail so your business is protected.

SERVER AND APPLICATION MONITORING: Using industry-leading service monitoring solutions we conduct thousands of checks 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing you with regular, automated third-party perimeter scans with reports, in addition to internal vulnerability scanning, alerts and maintenance notifications.

24/7 SUPPORT: We provide full ticket history and a range of contact methods to ensure your services are always running, should there be an issue.

TRANSPARENT PRICING: We offer 30 day notice periods on our contracts which range from one month to five years. Pricing is based upon your needs and requirements, but here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Small DNN website on cloud virtual shared server (VSS): £19.99/month
  • Cloud VPS for medium size website: From £80/month
  • Small Web Farm for website: From £600/month
  • Large Web Farm for website: From £1,000/month

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