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Creative Design

Enrich your brand with a comprehensive creative design language. From web design, to custom iconography, to video - rely on our creative instincts to push your organisation to another level.

Design & Brand

We pride ourselves on creating memorable digital experiences and bold brand identities. We work closely with clients to deliver visually arresting communication that works for their business. From sketching out detailed user journeys to bringing websites to life through video and animation, great design is at the heart of everything that we do. At Cantarus, our ambition is to create best-in-class solutions that are both simple and beautiful.

User Experience (UX)

Our UX specialists help your users to achieve their goals as quickly and easily as possible. Whether purchasing a product or registering for membership online, we work tirelessly to deliver the most effective solutions.


We believe in a test and learn approach to problem solving, focusing on the rapid creation of interactive prototypes before a single line of code has been written. This allows us to conduct user testing across almost any element, as granular as a menu and complex as a full app walkthrough. All of our decision making is based on well considered and thorough research, including market trends and user interviews. From detailed site mapping to identifying and interrogating key user journeys, we’ll ensure your digital product is both structurally solid and strategically aligned.


Branding is about powerful storytelling through the use of rich visuals and consistent language. A strong and memorable brand identity can be pivotal to an organisation’s success. It must be crafted with thought and dedication - resonating with your users, employees, and customers. It should tell your story, your way. At Cantarus, our dedicated team can help you achieve all of this and more. Whether it’s adopting your current branding, or shaping an all new identity, we’re perfectly placed to turn your brand into a powerful aide for doing business and connecting with customers.

Visual Design

First impressions matter, a lot. Users tends to pass judgement in a little as 50 milliseconds. That’s not a lot of time to win people over. This is why Visual Design is so important. Our team sweat the small stuff, which means a laser focus on typography, photography, appropriate spacing, composition and colour. Balancing form and function, we craft interfaces that resonate with your users and drive conversion through a beautiful, effective, and intuitive experience.




How can we help?

Contact our Lead Designer Rob Helsby to discuss how we can elevate your business through design.






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