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Creative Design

Enrich your brand with a comprehensive creative design language. From web design to custom iconography to video, rely on our creative instincts to push your organisation to another level.

Emotion & Function

Great design starts with a deep understanding of the brand, use context, and solution history of a given domain. We believe the best experiences are a distillation of these elements into highly functional journeys which delight our users in every interaction.

From brand and identity to user interface design, we're always excited to translate ideas into emotions.

  • Digital
  • Web Design
  • App Design
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Brand Story
  • Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Experience
  • Experience Design
  • Collateral Design


Featured Case Studies

Here's a selection of projects we've worked on recently.

Designing The Process

Creating beautiful designs that effortlessly guide users though rewarding journeys requires a refined, repeatable process. Regardless of medium we follow three key principals for every design process:

#1 Understanding Our Users

A deep understanding of how our end-users will interact with our solutions is key to the creative process. In understanding context, desires, expectations, and emotional state, we’re able to construct designs which are enriched with an appreciation of the overall user experience, rather than an isolated digital product.

#2 Brand Awareness

Every brand tells a story, and every design is part of that narrative. As such, when building solutions, our creatives seek to gain a deep understanding of the brand for which the solution will be built. Once complete, a design language can be defined and used across the creative process, informing not only how solutions should look, but focussing on what emotional response we are attempting to elicit.  In practice this approach begins with the aggregation of as many brand assets as possible, alongside the functional specification for the solution.  

#3 Collaboration

Collaboration is central to the Cantarus working process. Our partners are tightly integrated into our creative design process, and provide input and feedback from an early stage. Our design collaboration portal enables our designers to post interactive designs online and share them with stakeholders – allowing, for instance, users to experience how a menu will work, long before a single line of code is written.  


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