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While business websites play an integral role in influencing purchase decisions, they may not prevent multi-channel competitors stealing immediate sales through an e-commerce solution. The European Commission reported that 82% of the U.K population made purchases online in 2013; this is no surprise, as not only are e-commerce sites open all hours, but they facilitate fast and cheap electronic transactions. With the world at their fingertips, online visitors can find the most suitable products to meet their needs by convenient searching for detailed product information from multiple sources, comparing products/services, and searching for the best priced options. Businesses without an online store risk losing customers to local, national or international competitors who provide the availability of an online purchasing option.

Convenience and efficiency

The development of global information systems and communication strategies: the internet, wireless communications, broadband speeds and mobile devices, have significantly increased the avenues for online business in the enterprise, as users are increasingly accessing the internet from public hotspots, abroad, in stores and at home. Goldman Sachs predicts retail web sales will reach $1 trillion this year, with e-commerce currently growing at 19.4%; it is evident that consumers will continue to spend more online, making e-commerce a strategic asset to any size of enterprise. Online stores remain one of the most efficient, flexible and convenient methods of purchasing products, and their popularity continues to grow as they provide convenience for both consumers and the enterprise alike.

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increase in unique monthly visitors for top UK retailer

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increase in the UK e-commerce market, 2007-2011

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trillion dollars to be exceeded in 2017

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Why choose a cantarus e-commerce solution?

Cantarus builds easy-to-use, reliable and extensible e-commerce websites on DNN platform coupled with DNN Evoq Content. E-commerce websites can increase your profits and save valuable in-store sales time; creating an easy channel for repeat online purchases and allowing you to access a previously unreachable market. Making your business available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, e-commerce provides even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to compete on the same level as global enterprises, converting information seekers into purchasers. Cantarus builds engaging and interactive e-commerce web experiences by leveraging our own bespoke modules for comprehensive e-commerce functionality to provide the following benefits:

User-friendly: Encourage users to easily navigate and search through catalogues, sign up to newsletters, create logins for repeat purchases, speak to the enterprise through live online chat and view video product demonstrations.

Easy and secure payment options:  Your customers can make secure payments via credit cards and Paypal.

Easily manageable: Create flexible product displays, manage your orders and products, create bespoke discount structures and allow users to search for items through multiple advanced search options.

Easy to update: Edit product information to keep content fresh and allow non-technical users to add new product pages/categories.

Extensible: Cantarus develop bespoke e-commerce modules to ensure you have all the features and functionality you require; together with thousands of add-ons to choose from on the DNN store, you can create a fully customised e-commerce solution using your own styling.

Cost-effective: Deploy multiple sites in multiple languages and currencies without any extra costs. Our e-commerce websites are easy to maintain, so you can extend your site by duplicating existing content and modules at no additional expense.

Reliable: Cantarus can architect e-commerce solutions with 100% uptime, ensuring your website is always available, even when you need to add new products or conduct site maintenance.

Multi-language: If your business sells and distributes worldwide, we can localise your website content for multiple languages and regions.

Security: You can track all modifications made to your website, and provide granular rights for internal users to update product information, add new pages, or delete content.

Responsive design: The percentage of purchases completed on a mobile device is increasing year-on-year, creating a mobile-optimised and responsive e-commerce website is important in retaining mobile customers and driving profits. An e-commerce website developed on Evoq Content automatically detects thousands of mobile devices and optimises pages for a user’s specific device.

Analytics: Use Google Analytics to track content in specific locations on the page; understand more about your visitors, where they search and what they search for.

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