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Secure, Reliable UK Hosting

Build on our bespoke hosting environment to deliver outstanding performance across cloud, VPS and shared architectures.

Unlike many digital agencies that out-source hosting services, we own and operate our own infrastructure with a presence in two UK data-centres.

Our in-house expertise ensure that every experience is optimised for your unique requirements. Choose how you want your hosting solution to work by choosing one of the options below.

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A Solid Backbone For Your Organisation

With a focus on high-performance, reliability and security our infrastructure is some of the best in the business. Our infrastructure team doesn't even blink at the suggestion of high availability with real-time failover for clustered environments. Talk to one of our team members to discover how we can enhance your website's performance.

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Hosting Solutions

Shared Virtual Sever Shared Virtual Sever

Virtual Shared Server

Looking for a highly secure hosting solution that isn't extravagantly priced? We maintain our own affordable shared virtual servers that are a perfect fit for websites that receive low to moderate traffic.

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Virtual Private Server Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

If your website receives a lot of visitors each month, a private server may be the ideal solution. Your own server affords an unparalleled level of security, flexibility and manageability – pushing your business to new heights.

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Server Farm Server Farm

Server Farms

For the ultimate hosting solution, look no further than a Cantarus server farm. Our server farms are able to support even the heaviest of web traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers in order to meet the demands of your users.

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