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In a gadget-obsessed nation, faster mobile broadband connections and cheaper data access on smartphones and tablets have resulted in rapid increases of time invested by global, mobile users surfing the web. Mobile devices are ever more accessible; not only has data traffic increased by 78% each year but global internet access is expected to expand to 2.7 billion by 2015 which places greater significance on the importance of m-commerce and mobile optimisation as the mobile internet becomes the fastest growing marketing channel of 2013.

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Mobile websites generate extra traffic, increase sales and boost customer relationships as a quick first point of contact. Google research revealed that 75% of customers prefer surfing a mobile-friendly website illustrating the fact that poor navigation and slow loading times could lose businesses vital custom and brand equity. Cantarus builds mobile sites focused on the users’ needs and features developed on the DNN Platform, coupled with Evoq Content, include:

DEVICE DETECTION AND REDIRECTION: Our mobile sites automatically detect the characteristics of thousands of mobile devices and render webpages to optimise for users’ specific devices, regardless of the mobile browser or platform.

EASY-TO-USE INTERFACES: Cantarus creates easy-to-navigate mobile sites with responsive design, adaptable to different screen resolutions for an optimal web surfing experience; the layouts are flexible and menus are mobile-optimised, allowing easy access to vital information quickly and conveniently on smaller screens.

FASTER LOAD TIMES: Working closely with our clients, we help generate mobile-specific content to decrease load times and ensure quick access regardless of bandwidth.

MOBILE SITE PREVIEW: DNN provides peace of mind, allowing you to preview content the way it would appear on thousands of devices without being on the device itself - including Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.

SITE GROUPS: Administrators can manage multiple users across all company web sites and manage granular permissions for users.

MARKETING ANALYTICS: Built-in Google Analytics functionality to monitor site traffic

Growth of mobile usage in the online environment is projected to outnumber desktop computer users within the next couple of years, making it crucial for businesses to develop mobile-optimised websites and place greater emphasis on the limited content that potential mobile customers can expect when visiting company webpages from their mobile devices.

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