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Why Cantarus Support?

Cantarus aims to provide the ultimate service offering and peace of mind to its users. By forming strong client relationships built on trust and outlining a service level agreement, we ensure our clients can have faith in our multi-award-winning expertise to resolve their DNN concerns, offering an effective and timely response to all support tickets and calls.

Renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty, we ensure enterprises can function correctly, serving their customers with minimal downtime.  Our highly-trained support engineers are part of the largest specialist DNN team in the UK. Skilled in supporting all areas of the DNN portfolio, Cantarus holds all six DNN Partner certifications and is the UK's only DNN Gold Partner.

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DNN Support packages

Our two primary support options designed to meet our client needs include:


Cantarus’ contracted support option offers the best fit for general regular monthly maintenance. We also offer a traditional support model for systems that do not require on-going development but for where consistent maintenance is essential.


As an option for enterprises that require a flexible DNN support option and on-going DNN development, our Timebank support allows you to purchase time over a limited period of three months. Time accrues if it is unused and can be traded for development time to enhance your website if no maintenance issues arise. By maintaining development familiarity with the systems in place, we can resolve issues as soon as they are discovered

Our Support Service

We offer a powerful DNN support solution to sustain your enterprise which is facilitated by the world’s leading multi-channel help desk software and utilised by some of the largest blue chip organisations in the world. With feedback and rating options, we are always working hard to improve our personalised offering to meet our clients’ demands.  Cantarus can deliver a premium customer experience through multiple support channels, ensuring you can contact us when you need us the most, using the channel you find most convenient.

Our DNN support channels include:

ONLINE HELP DESK: The simplest method of reporting an issue, our online help desk provides an easy-to-use user interface, which makes raising tickets stress-free. Work is easy to track and trace with a clear display of progress; users can see their tickets are sent to the entire support team rather than one specific user which ensures that the ticket is dealt with as quickly as possible. 

SUPPORT HOTLINE: For urgent queries or where you may need step-by-step guidance, our engineers are on the other end of the line to assist you.

INTEGRATED EMAIL SUPPORT: allowing our team to import support emails and tickets from all channels, the collaborative inbox allows us to track all emails sent to our support teams and log them against your business account.

For more information on our support services and the service level options available to you, contact us on +44 (0)161 813 1300

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