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Web Design & Development

Enhance business with a best in class solution, whether through eCommerce, responsive web design or advanced personalisation. With a Cantarus solution, the website is just the start.

Leverage the Best of the Web

We're not satisfied with just building average websites. Our solutions delight users and empower business - driving growth and brand satisfaction through rich experiences across any device with a web-browser.

From eCommerce websites to intranets, we're continually pushing the boundaries of the browser to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Featured Case Studies

Here's a selection of projects we've worked on recently. We're proud to say that the solutions listed below and continually evolving with our dedicated Customer Success team.

Delivering Excellence on Time and Budget

Our clients rely on us to deliver outstanding solutions that deeply enhance their digital ambitions. Working on large-scale projects for the web is a fine art and few agencies can boast the delivery excellence inherent in a Cantarus Solution.



Key to ensuring that we deliver the right solution is understanding your requirements. Rather than build an exhaustive set of requirements and assume they won't change, our project discoveries focus on compiling user journeys and stories, as well as gaining an understanding of all integration points. This feeds directly into our agile project methodology.

Design / UX

Design / UX

Great user experiences are at the heart of all the work we do. Following project discovery our design team work to build wireframes and high-fidelity concepts in an iterative process involving you, the client. This stage allows the natural creativity of our designers to shine, and our regular show-and-tell sessions ensure you're always influencing the creative direction of any project.



After a handover in which designers and developers discuss the visual identity and interactions for the project, our world-class development team sets to work bringing your ideas to life. Using short development cycles with regular client feedback sessions ensures that by the end of the build process there are no surprises for our clients.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Getting the system in the hands of the final users and learning from their feedback is key to delivering the best solutions. While we aim to give our clients access to as much of the system as possible throughout implementation, UAT is our chance to refine the product prior to the public unveiling.

Cutover / Go-live

Cutover / Go-live

The excitement around the project has been building for weeks and finally the day arrives. A detailed cut-over plan has been built to ensure that expert team members enable a smooth transition to the new solution, and Cantarus team members from design, development and infrastructure orchestrate the switch. Our many years of experience ensure that your visitors don't encountered unexpected interruptions in service, and instead, gain access to the new environment painlessly.

Dig a Little Deeper

You've scratched the surface of what we love to do, now take a look at our specialities and explore how we could help you achieve digital clarity.