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Build the foundation of your website with a responsive web design that will drive engagement and ROI.

A Collaborative Process

We operate our own design collaboration portal where our designers post interactive designs online and share them with you, to allow you to comment on the design directly on the page without leaving the browser

The portal also allows you to review, track and compare changes during the design process, enabling you to simulate key user journeys and develop a much deeper understanding of how a website will work in practice, long before a single line of code is written.


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Mobile Responsiveness

We pride ourselves in delivering experiences optimised for all platforms, which not only deliver optimised content on each device, but aim to delight users with a high attention-to-detail in every area of the website. With nearly two decades of experience in building websites, we're fluent in the quirks of each browser and platform, with each design being tested across a wide range of device/browser combinations  

Rooted in UX Design Principles

We follow the User Centred Design (UCD) philosophy, which places the user at the very centre of the design process to deliver a website designed to meet the user’s needs rather than, for example, reflect the departmental structure of the organisation behind the website.

Two people browsing the BVCA website on a laptop and a phone.

We created a simple and effective design for the BVCA's new website that helped to streamline the user experience. The new website combines striking visuals with easy-to-use features and clear calls-to-action to deliver a truly intuitive experience.

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Design Solutions
Brand & Identity Brand & Identity

Brand & Identity

Some agencies jump at the chance to execute comprehensive organisational rebrands. At Cantarus, we always take a measured approach, ensuring that we enhance your brand while retaining any existing successful elements. We craft brand identities that extend across multiple touchpoints, building consistency and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

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UX Design UX Design

UX Design

Our design team makes it easy for visitors to engage and convert, ultimately leading to rewarding long-term relationships.

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