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How secure is your website and web applications? Staying one step ahead of a breach.


How secure is your website?

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Register to receive our free educational webinar hosted by Cantarus & our security partners, AppCheck. This complimentary session will help give your business a brief insight into the many layers of website and web application security. 

The latest statistics state that 43% of businesses have experienced a data breach in the last 12 months and roughly 1 in 4 organisations will experience a hack in the next year. With this in mind, the threat landscape is forever changing - is your current testing strategy enough to stay ahead of the hackers? 

We will be exploring the following areas: 

  • Where your hidden threats might be, 
  • Key vulnerabilities that we see time and time again in the industry,
  • Assumptions that can at times be made, leading to a false sense of security, 
  • What you can do as a business to improve your security posture including the offer of a FREE vulnerability assessment, 
  • The session will also highlight how other organisations use AppCheck's unique approach to vulnerability discovery allowing you to stay one step ahead of a hack.

Chris Gray, Infrastructure Manager at Cantarus

Samir Rihane, AppCheck Consultant and Strategic Alliances 


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