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Association of Anaesthetists Case Study

Refining navigation and more, to improve the digital experience for Association of Anaesthetists members.

The Challenge

The Association of Anaesthetists are a 10,800-member strong organisation representing the life-changing, life-saving profession of anaesthesia through supporting and inspiring their global community. The Association’s conferences, journals and online resources serve the purpose of educating and informing the community, with respected guidelines continually improving the standards of patient safety. With this in mind, it was crucial that The Association’s website reflected their strong brand and message.

The Association approached Cantarus to rebrand their existing website as they were in the process of rebranding from the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) to the Association of Anaesthetists. They were also in the midst of changing their CRM alongside rewriting the majority of their web content, which made the process even more complex. The existing website was fairly basic, cumbersome and did not provide a good user experience (UX). The Association wanted their new website to be accessible on all devices, including mobile. Their content wasn’t very clearly laid out and with limited search functionality, it made it difficult for users to find key areas on the site. They had several microsites for their annual events that needed to be migrated onto the main website. In addition, the Association had a number of disparate resources that needed to be organised and migrated, some of which needed to be accessible only to members. The Association therefore needed a simple, intuitive way to manage their resources. They also required a new content management system (CMS) that would allow them to manage content and resources on the website effortlessly, without the need to rekey information across several pages. There are different types of membership for the Association, so Cantarus needed to implement a more user-friendly way of directing potential members to the correct membership forms. For instance, students, trainees, and consultants all use different application forms with varying fees, depending on what country they came from.

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Our Solution

Cantarus was tasked with redeveloping the existing website to meet the Association’s requirements, making it cleaner and more modern.

Using our expert project management skills and agile working methodology, we were able to organise which areas of the website we would develop at a given time, so that we could work together with The Association’s CRM provider, Silverbear. Cantarus had regular communication with Silverbear enabling us to keep updated. The Association acknowledged that the rigidity of their current solution was frustrating, but we were confident that the core DNN Evoq page-building system would provide them with the flexibility and ease of managing their own content. Cantarus migrated all of the microsites into the main website, and successfully migrated resources into the Cantarus Library module. This helped the Association to categorise their resources into one location and ensured that they automatically appeared in the correct areas of the website. These would also be available for the right audience, therefore minimising manual input. We also built a custom Join Journey module so that the Association could direct users to the correct membership forms through a series of clear-cut questions. The website was designed in a unified fashion to be more flexible. Cantarus made sure that the list of fundraising campaigns and their corresponding details were available and easy to donate to. The Association had indicated that providing intuitive navigation for users was a key requirement of the project, so we rectified this by building a new mega menu. The mega menu is more accessible than before, prominently featured at the top of the homepage. The new website makes it much easier to discover member benefits – accessing the Anaesthesia journal was vital for the Association as they wanted members to be able to link to the journal without the need for another log-in. We ensured that the journal was readily available for members and also that various apps are accessible to members via the single sign on in one place. The guidelines are also easier to access and search by topic, as are events. Cantarus allowed for users to browse upcoming events, search through and sign-up to attend smoothly.

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The Results

The Association are really pleased with the results of their new website so far. Highlights include:

  • Considerably improved UX
  • 178% increase in number of pageviews
  • 83% increase in number of new users on the website
  • 52% increase in number of sessions
  • Much easier content management
  • Dramatically enhanced security
  • Better-quality website performance overall

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The website that has been delivered exceeded our expectations in functionality and ease of use, providing us with an excellent platform for future growth. Added to this, Cantarus are a great all-round team to work alongside, who simplified what was a complex project and were always happy to help.

Gemma Campbell, Head of Support Services and Information Management