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WHSmith Intranet

Discover how we re-built the digital backbone for this high-street brand.

Delivering a easy-to-use solution for an internal user-base of 12,000 users

For this project, we took a user-centred approach that incorporated a design that was sympathetic to the original intranet, eliminating the need to retrain staff and prevented the need to rebuild all intranet apps at the same time.

The Challenge
Rebuild the WHSmith intranet system, retaining functionality of existing applications.

A company-wide intranet has become a necessity in the age of constant corporate information-sharing, however, this is not to say that all intranets are made equal. WHSmith’s outdated intranet solution was affecting workplace productivity.

The purpose of an intranet is to centralise information and make it easily searchable for its users. Unfortunately, the outdated functionality was not set up for quick and easy content searches. Additionally, the internal portal was plagued with stability issues that rendered the site unusable at times.

The existing intranet could only be used in conjunction with Internet Explorer 8, this limitation and the growth of the organisation meant that they were in need of an intranet upgrade.

Our Solution
Our priority was to completely revamp the content search system for WHSmith, transforming it into a content-sharing platform.

We developed an integrated search module that would seamlessly draw data from all of WHSmith’s legacy IT systems, negating the need to update their entire web estate.

We implemented an improved search feature that would make it far easier for users to find on-site resources and therefore improve operation efficiency. All of the site’s content was migrated and then indexed to deliver a highly-organised, site-wide taxonomy that will provide a solid platform for all future content additions.

Rather than propose an entirely new design, we updated the existing site layout to minimise any disruption during the transition period. This approach saved WHSmith the expense and inconvenience of retraining their 12,000 internal users. In order to adapt to the dynamic marketplace, WHSmith staff are now able to access the intranet on tablet devices as well as using the traditional desktop view. Users can now access the various intranet resources out-of-the-office, at a retail outlet checkout, or even at home. Although the existing intranet architecture was outdated, many of the numerous internal systems housed on the intranet were still vital to WHSmith’s daily operations. The implementation of the new intranet had to delicately balance the introduction of a modern interface whilst still supporting the functionality of the existing ASP-based applications. Using i-frames, we were able to seamlessly integrate the core roster of features with a design that reflects WHSmith’s current business objectives. The intranet also acts as a social space where users can interact, share and collaborate with their colleagues. We ensured that moderators were given the appropriate tools to stimulate participation, manage user privileges and discreetly handle unsuitable content.

Key Success Factors: Accessed on multiple devices inlcuding mobiles, tablets and till screens. Created a design sympathethic to original intranet, eliminating the need to retrain staff. Prevented the need to rebuild all intranet apps at the same time.

We needed a solution that would incorporate all of our existing internal systems without downtime or loss of functionality. Cantarus exceeded our expectations in delivering this level of integration.

Faye Sherman, Head of Business Analysis & PMO