One of the key benefits of membership is networking with other members. As such, your digital environment should offer a sense of community for your members, and we can help provide this community hub for your organisation. 


Rich Integrated Experiences

Let us help you match your engagement needs, current platforms, and budget to the leading community solutions. Integrations leverage the strengths of leading online community platforms, allowing you to meet your engagement needs for data residency, privacy, security and budget. Our technical team will integrate the community with your CRM, allowing any updates to your member records to facilitate changes in community access. Some of our existing integrations include:


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Your Secure Platform

Your Secure Online Space

Apps such as LinkedIn or Facebook struggle to offer privacy or engagement management. While they are great marketing platforms, they aren’t a private space for your members. Tools to manage conversations and maintain user ownership of personal data ensure member comfort and inclusion.

How can we help you explore online community? Let’s have a conversation. We have the experience and resources to assure your comfort and knowledge; how it works and where it may be the right investment for you. Online engagement is an art and science. Let’s compare your goals, existing technologies and budget to platforms and integration possibilities.  

Sector-leading Expertise

Community strategy has multiple components, from staffing to branding, to community structure to CRM integration, and more. Our team has extensive experience in building and launching online communities for membership organisations and businesses around the globe. Let us help you with your online engagement.


Community Products

We partner with leading community software vendors and are always happy to provide rich demos for your team to understand key features and benefits. Get in touch to arrange a demo with a product expert and learn if online community is right for you.

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Our members were crying out for a way to connect and share knowledge at this difficult time. So, we teamed up with Cantarus and launched CIWM Connect. Hundreds of members immediately signed up and it’s growing every hour. Launch day was great: we had traction and member feedback is excellent. In the future all the team have a great answer to ‘what did you do during the Coronavirus pandemic?’ - we enabled the frontline resource and waste sector to connect, collaborate and keep up morale. The support from Cantarus has been invaluable.

Paul Sloggett, Head of Member Engagement & Community Project Lead, CIWM