Cantarus partners with AMEE to launch an Online Member Community  

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  • 31 May
  • 2 mins

International Association for Health Professions Education, AMEE, has recently launched an online member community platform. 

Working in partnership with Cantarus, a leading digital agency renowned for delivering innovative solutions for membership organisations, the AMEE online community platform promises to revolutionise how members network, collaborate, and share knowledge.  

Cantarus has previously delivered online communities for a variety of membership organisations, including the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group and the Association of Anaesthetists. 

The AMEE online community offers its members an array of exclusive benefits, including access to a range of networking opportunities, valuable resources like blogs and video content, and the opportunity to engage with other like-minded members in a private, collaborative space. 

Designed to significantly enhance the membership experience for AMEE members, the community is equipped with tools and features including webinars, conference presentations, and other resources to help members connect and engage with their peers, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the health professions education sphere.  

Eileen McGinley, Head of Engagement & Communications at AMEE, comments: 

"We're delighted to launch the AMEE online community platform, which provides our Members and the Health Professions Education Community with an interactive and engaging way to connect with fellow professionals from within their field. It offers the ability to share valuable resources that fosters knowledge-sharing and collaboration with global colleagues - creating a valuable community of practice. We're grateful to Cantarus for their exceptional work in developing and launching this platform with us. We look forward to its continued growth and evolution in the months and years ahead as we add our Committees and Special Interest Groups to this space."

Sam Hanson, Community Consultant at Cantarus, adds:  

"The launch of any new online member community is always an exciting event, and we were delighted to support AMEE in this process. It was a pleasure to work with such a forward-thinking organisation that truly values innovation. From the outset, it was clear that AMEE was passionate about creating a vibrant, engaging community where members could connect, share knowledge, and collaborate, and we were thrilled to bring their vision to life. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and we are confident that the community will be a real game-changer in helping AMEE enhance their members’ experience and achieve their organisational goals."

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