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Cantarus and Kentico: Choosing the platform for our new agency website

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  • 19 June '23
  • 10 mins
  • Tabby Duff

In today's digital-first world, having a dynamic and robust website is essential for businesses to thrive. With countless options available, deciding on the right content management system (CMS) can be challenging.

After careful consideration, we chose Kentico as our trusted partner for our new website – and we want to talk through some of the features and functionality that helped us to make that decision.

Firstly, Kentico isn’t just a CMS. It’s a Digital Experience Platform, meaning it's about the entire user experience across multiple digital platforms. The platform seamlessly combines traditional content management with digital marketing – a marketer's dream come true! Kentico is versatile, easy-to-use, and feature-rich, and we’re pleased with the results we've managed to achieve with version 1.0 of our new site. So, let’s dive into exactly why Kentico was the right decision for us.

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Why did we choose Kentico?

From its extensive range of built-in functionalities to its robust set of features, we knew the platform would be a meaningful change for our marketing team, but it also needed to be a platform which our developers felt confident and accomplished in using. It has been a refreshing change from our earlier CMS, which was often difficult to use, less useable in terms of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) elements, and to be honest had become something of a headache due to bloat and senescence over the years.

Kentico has become an invaluable asset that has revolutionised our digital journey and allowed us to build a site we feel stands for what we do as an agency today. We’re excited to share our experience further and highlight exactly why we’re loving Kentico, so please read on to find out more.

Intuitive User Experience and Interface ✨

Kentico has been a real transformation for us in terms of content management. We needed a CMS that would allow us to create and manage content with little effort, and we've found exactly that in Kentico. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful features have revolutionised the way we manage our website. 

For our non-technical team members, Kentico is easy to use and empowers our marketing team to manage our website more efficiently than ever. Kentico's interface is lightning-fast and efficient, and it's so easy to design beautiful pages simply by dragging and dropping elements into place. It really has freed up a lot of the manual effort and wasted time previously spent on content management to allow us to focus on what really matters – crafting compelling content and engaging with our audience!

Engaging, Personalised Experiences 🎯

Kentico's powerful personalisation capabilities have allowed us to tailor our site according to our brand identity and unique requirements.

The DXP allows extensive tailoring of content based on the behaviour or characteristics of a given visitor, changing the case studies or articles displayed based on a user's location, demographic information or earlier behaviour and interests, or showing them tailored landing pages based on their route into the site.

In being able to deliver personalised experiences for our audience, we can ensure that every interaction is tailored to their preferences and needs. This level of customisation is such a powerful tool in fostering deeper engagement, user satisfaction and brand loyalty. We're all about leaving a lasting and relevant impression!

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Powerful Content Management Tools 🔧

From content staging to workflows, the content management experience really is second-to-none with Kentico. Content staging enables us to keep track of various content activity, and makes it easy to create, edit, and review content in a controlled environment before it gets published to our live site. Different account roles can be assigned to make sure that no content goes live without the relevant sign offs.

The workflow system offered by Kentico simplifies the development and configuration of content processes, and we can create workflows that suit our content management needs. Any changes can be submitted for approval based on customisable account roles and permissions, eliminating the risk of messy pages with unapproved or inconsistent content and allowing your content team to work safely and with confidence that they can’t accidentally publish any exciting news (or privileged information) ahead of time!

All of this comes together to ensure our content is consistent, aligned with our brand's tone of voice, and free from any mistakes.

Highly Secure 🔐

When choosing a platform, ensuring top-notch security was paramount for our infrastructure team to feel comfortable with using the solution. We needed a platform that could safeguard our website from any threats. 

The platform provides a range of security features, such as permissions, user management, and various authentication methods, allowing us to control and restrict content editing and administrative privileges. 

Kentico regularly undertake security testing and code reviews, so we can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to our clients, confident that (combined with our own extensive cybersecurity efforts) our website is always safeguarded.

Exceptional Support 🤝 

The support we've received from Kentico has been another massive benefit of the platform. From the moment we embarked on our journey with Kentico, we were impressed by the level of help and guidance provided.  

The intuitive online training resources empowered our team to grasp the platform's capabilities quickly, ensuring a smooth implementation process. These are structured as an online course where you use a dummy website as a sandbox to learn by doing.

There's also an abundance of documentation like blogs, FAQs, and forums available, so we have everything available at the touch of a button to find what we need quickly.

Optimal Performance and Scalability 🔥

With ambitious growth plans in mind, we knew we needed a CMS that could accommodate our needs and ensure optimal website performance into the future. Kentico's robust architecture and scalable infrastructure have supplied a solid foundation for a high-performing site capable of handling significant traffic, frequent content updates, and seamless integrations. Right from launch we saw marked improvements in stability and page load times. We can rest assured that as our digital presence expands, our site will remain stable and ready for the future.


Automated Marketing 🚀

When it comes to marketing automation tools, we can now deliver engaging content to prospective clients at every stage of their journey, with structured lead nurturing and personalised campaigns.

Entire campaigns can be set up with a brilliant flow chart style interface, allowing you to tailor exactly when and how you follow up with potential new business or re-engage with your existing clients and users. All kinds of interactions with the site can be used as trigger points for email or chatbot outreach or move users into different campaign funnels based on their activity and interests.

This is one part of our new DXP that we are particularly excited to get deeper and deeper into in the coming months and years as we have only just begun to scratch at the surface of its potential so far.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our choice of Kentico as our Digital Experience Platform! Our new website really embodies who we are, and we’re confident that our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for our clients now shines through.

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