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How to Prepare for Google Consent Mode Version 2

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  • 17 January
  • 4 mins
  • Dani Barker

Google Consent Mode Explained

Digital privacy and data management continue to take precedence in our increasingly digital world. In this world, Google's Consent Mode has emerged as a significant tool for businesses to balance data collection with user consent. With the upcoming launch of Google Consent Mode version 2, it is crucial for businesses to understand what's new, its implications, and how to prepare for it. 

What Does Google Consent Mode Do?

Google Consent Mode allows businesses to adjust how their Google tags behave based on the consent status of their users. It offers a way to manage analytics and advertising cookies, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while still gathering valuable insights.

What's New About Google Consent Mode Version 2?

Version 2 of Google Consent Mode introduces enhanced features for managing cookie consent. It provides more granular control over data collection and offers improved integration with other Google services. This update is designed to give businesses and users more flexibility and control over privacy settings. To keep using measurement, ad personalisation, and remarketing features, businesses must implement the update, and ensure that consent is collected for the use of personal data from end users based in the EEA, and that these consent signals are shared with Google.

When Does Google Consent Mode Version 2 Launch?

Google Consent Mode version 2 is set to launch in March 2024, marking a significant update for businesses using Google's digital tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Preparing for the Launch of Google Consent Mode Version 2

As Google Consent Mode version 2 nears its launch, businesses must take proactive steps to ensure a smooth transition. Here's how you can prepare:

Review Current Google Tags and Consent Practices

Start by assessing how your website currently utilises Google tags. Understand the changes in version 2 and how they might impact your current setup.

Update Privacy Policies and Consent Mechanisms

Ensure your privacy policies reflect the changes brought by the new version. It’s essential that these policies are transparent and in compliance with privacy laws.

Implement a Google-Approved Cookie Banner

One of the critical updates in version 2 is the need for businesses to use a cookie banner from a Google-approved provider, such as Cookiebot or Cookie Control by Civic. These banners are designed to align with Google's new consent framework, ensuring that your website's data collection practices comply with the latest standards.

Training and Awareness for Your Team

Educate your digital marketing and IT teams about Google Consent Mode Version 2. Ensure they understand the new features and how to leverage them effectively.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before the official launch, conduct thorough testing of your updated consent mechanisms. This step is crucial to identify and rectify any potential issues that might affect user experience or data collection.

How Important Is Google Consent Mode Version 2?

If your business utilises Google Analytics and Google Ads, ensuring that you're prepared for the launch of Google Consent Mode Version 2 is essential. Here are a few reasons why you should prioritise taking the steps listed above.

Benefits of Google Consent Mode Version 2 for Businesses

The benefits of Google Consent Mode version 2 include:

  • More precise and user-friendly consent management.
  • Better compliance with evolving privacy laws and regulations.
  • Continued access to essential analytics and advertising data within the bounds of user consent.

Consequences of Not Implementing Google Consent Mode Version 2

Businesses that fail to update to Google Consent Mode Version 2 may face challenges, such as:

  • Reduced effectiveness in data collection and advertising targeting.
  • Potential non-compliance with privacy regulations.
  • A possible negative impact on user trust and website performance.

As digital privacy continues to be a critical concern, embracing tools like Google Consent Mode Version 2 is essential for businesses. It not only ensures compliance, but also helps maintain a balance between valuable data collection and respecting user privacy.

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