The Royal College of Psychiatrists launches groundbreaking BJPsych Journals app with Cantarus

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  • 12 October
  • 2 mins

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) has launched its highly anticipated BJPsych Journals app with leading digital agency, Cantarus.   

Leveraging their extensive expertise in creating engaging membership apps, Cantarus has delivered a cutting-edge solution tailored to the needs of RCPsych members. The agency has a proven track record of building successful apps for a diverse range of membership bodies and associations, including in health, with the Association of Anaesthetists and the College of Optometrists. 

The BJPsych Journals app, an exclusive benefit for RCPsych members, offers unparalleled convenience and access to essential resources on the go. Members can log in to the app using their website credentials, with persistent login ensuring a seamless ongoing user experience. The app brings together all five RCPsych journals: The British Journal of Psychiatry, BJPsych Advances, BJPsych Bulletin, BJPsych International, and BJPsych Open. 

The app offers a range of exciting features, including access to the most recent journal issues alongside podcast and video integration. Members can intuitively browse content and search for topics or specific authors via the 'Find' tab functionality. The app also allows members to navigate through articles, share relevant publications with colleagues and networks, and save journals for offline reading where internet connectivity is not available. 

The app was launched by immediate past president Dr. Adrian James, during their prestigious annual International Congress — an event of global significance within the field. The launch was an instant success, with over 1,000 new users on the first day alone and an average engagement time of eight minutes. These results highlight the app's immediate impact on enhancing the member experience for RCPsych members. 

Professor Gin Malhi, RCPsych College Editor and Editor-in-Chief of BJPsych, comments: 

“The launch of the BJPsych Journals app has been thrilling! The app provides immediate access for our members to all our journals and the latest psychiatry news while on the go. It will be an invaluable tool for members, and we’re immensely grateful to Cantarus for helping us develop the app. We will be working with early adopters to see where we can take the app next and are excited about the future!”  

Lee Adams, CEO at Cantarus, adds:  

“We're thrilled to work with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to bring the innovative BJPsych Journals app to life. The app is the first live implementation of our Digital Publications module, a major milestone for us. We're very proud to have delivered a solution that truly revolutionises how RCPsych members access valuable resources, and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship expanding the app in the future.” 

The app is available to download from the iOS and Google Play app stores.  

To find out more about Cantarus’ app offering, visit the website or get in touch at [email protected] 

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