Cantarus recognised as an Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner for 2023 

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  • 05 February
  • 2 mins

Full-service digital agency, Cantarus, is proud to announce its recognition as an Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner for 2023. 

This achievement further solidifies Cantarus’ commitment to innovation and excellence within the Umbraco community. 

As pioneers in the Umbraco space, Cantarus proudly holds the title of being the first ever US Platinum Partner and multi-country Platinum partner, having already earned the esteemed title in the UK. The agency’s unwavering commitment is evident through their significant contributions, ranging from uSync Migrations to active participation in the beta testing of Umbraco Cloud CI/CD deployments. 

Cantarus goes beyond conventional partnerships by actively fostering the Umbraco community. The agency hosts local meetups, engages in educational webinars, and shares speaking engagements with the Umbraco team at various conferences and events. 

Lee Adams, CEO at Cantarus, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership, commenting: 

“The Cantarus and Umbraco partnership continues to go from strength to strength! 2023 saw us achieve Platinum Partner status in both the UK and US, and now we’ve followed that up with recognition as an Umbraco Contributing Partner, reflecting our broad-based contribution to the Umbraco open-source and commercial ecosystem. We’re excited to do even more in 2024!” 

Jon Whitter, Head of Development / Services at Cantarus, adds: 

“I’m thrilled that Cantarus has been recognised as a contributing partner! I’ve loved working with Umbraco on numerous projects, and through organising workshops, training sessions, and development exercises with teams across the business, we’ve significantly enhanced our capabilities to effectively sell, design for, and develop with Umbraco.  

The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been my involvement in the Umbraco Manchester community – a passionate, open, and collaborative environment where we encourage learning and connecting with one another. It’s an absolute privilege to contribute to such a vibrant community like Umbraco.”  

Mike Pederson, Regional Director for the UK & Ireland at Umbraco, congratulates Cantarus: 

“A huge congratulations to the team at Cantarus for becoming a 2023 official Contributing Platinum Partner! Cantarus has been an excellent partner since joining the Umbraco space several years ago, and we can’t thank them enough for being such an integral part of the Umbraco Partner family. We look forward to more collaborative efforts and exciting initiatives in the coming year, and beyond!”  

For more information about Cantarus and its services, visit the website or get in touch at [email protected]   


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