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Unveiling the Power of Xperience By Kentico

  • Webinar
  • 02 November '23
  • 3 mins

Unveiling the Power of Xperience by Kentico

Join leading digital agency, Cantarus, and Kentico, the cutting-edge digital experience platform (DXP), as we co-host an exciting webinar: "Unveiling the Power of Xperience By Kentico"

Together, we will delve into the reasons behind our agency's partnership with Kentico, demystify the concept of a DXP, and provide an exclusive look into our agency website and the experience we had in adopting Kentico as our platform of choice for our own site.


Presented by:

  • James Jemmett-Page, Senior Consultant at Cantarus

  • Dani Barker, Marketing Manager at Cantarus

  • Tabby Duff, Senior Content Marketer at Cantarus

  • Sean Wright, Lead Product Evangelist at Kentico


For a more in-depth exploration and to get answers directly from our experts, watch the full webinar by clicking here.

What you'll learn:

The Power of Partnership: Gain insights into Cantarus' strategic decision to partner with Kentico and learn how this collaboration empowers us to deliver outstanding digital solutions and exceed client expectations. 

Demystifying the DXP: Uncover the core concepts and capabilities of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and understand how it can revolutionise your organisation's digital presence and customer engagement. 

End User Perspective: A virtual tour of the Cantarus agency website crafted through Kentico. See how we fused design, functionality, and content to create a truly engaging experience. 

Tech Presentation by Kentico: Get an exclusive glimpse into the back end of Kentico from a user's perspective. Learn about the platform's robust features, intuitive interface, and customisation capabilities that empower remarkable digital solutions. 


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is ideal for marketing professionals, digital strategists, developers, IT leaders, and anyone interested in learning about the power of Kentico DXP, the benefits of strategic partnerships, and gaining insights into building exceptional digital experiences. 

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