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Why you need to upgrade to Google Analytics 4 ASAP

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  • 03 July '22
  • 3 mins
  • Chris Menez

Back in October 2020, Google announced the launch of its new Google Analytics, GA4. This version is set to become the default when setting up any new property.

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

GA4 is the newest iteration of Google Analytics, replacing the standard Universal Analytics (UA) that has been running since 2005. GA4 takes most of what features in UA but builds on it – bringing in numerous exciting new features which were previously custom now as default.

GA4 operates across platforms and doesn’t exclusively rely on cookies to record events; using an event-based data model, GA4 delivers more user-centric measurements and prevents future gaps in your data.

From now, any new GA accounts will be GA4, and any UA versions will eventually diminish.

What’s new with GA4?

In a nutshell, a lot! Some of the main highlights of GA4 include:

  • A Fresh Look & Feel: With a sleek new user interface, data is presented in a more efficient, easy-to-understand way.
  • Integration with Server-Side Tagging: This alleviates the loss of tracking due to cookie rejection.
  • Dynamic Funnel Builder: Better impromptu analysis of user journeys.
  • Super flexible and highly powerful ‘Analysis Hub’ will allow you to explore your dataset with much greater visualisation and uncover deeper insights.
  • A new AI-powered ‘Insights’ feature will automatically highlight helpful information for marketers.
  • A new and improved debugger for better testing.
  • Future-proof: GA4 supports cookie-free tracking and the ever-evolving privacy standards.

Why should we upgrade now?

The sooner you act, the better. Google will cease to collect data from July 1st 2023 in UA but will keep hold of that data for at least 6 months, so ideally you’ll want to be up and running on the new system before the end of 2022. You won’t be forced to make the switch, but do be aware that GA4 is replacing UA on the above date and any new properties or accounts created will automatically default to GA4 – so we’d recommend an upgrade pronto!

Acting quickly will give you plenty of time to get used to the new system, and you may want (or need) to train your staff to ensure they understand it and all its complexities. As well, any custom tracking will need to be implemented along with integrating your other products like Data Studio, Search Console, Google Ads, and your shopping carts.

If you have any campaign providers (e.g., Mailchimp or DotDigital) you’ll need to factor in the integration of these too!

How do we get started?

If you have any questions about getting started with GA4, we’d be more than happy to help. Our Data & Analytics team can assist you with making the switch to GA4 ASAP.

Our services cover:

  • Migration providers complete with custom tracking, integration with other products, and reporting,
  • Consultation on your set-up,
  • Training on how to use GA4.

“Cantarus was very helpful in setting up the new Google Analytics 4 accounts for the two websites we have with them – our corporate site and our Well Schools community. In addition to the setup, which was completed in line with the schedule agreement, I received both an initial consultation meeting to review my requirements, including what needed to be retained and what was a 'nice to have' from Universal Analytics, and an in-depth demo. Cantarus were open and honest when they weren’t sure how to answer a question but took the time to provide detailed answers after the call. I am looking forward to making the most of our new setup.”

- Youth Sport Trust

Enter the next generation of Analytics with GA4. If you’d like help with your upgrade, speak to our very own GAIQ-Certified Data Analysts today. Contact us at [email protected] or via our Live Chat for more information.

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