Empowering ICAEW Members with the engaging MyICAEW App 

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has been helping its 200,000+ members and students pursue successful careers in the finance industry for over 130 years. Founded all the way back in 1880, ICAEW has a long history of serving the public interest and working with governments, regulators, and business leaders worldwide. The ICAEW qualification, the ACA, is also one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. 

The Brief 

Given ICAEW’s pivotal role in the industry, and an extensive member base, ICAEW recognised the need to enhance member engagement and streamline the member experience. They wanted a comprehensive mobile app that would not only support ACA students on their journey through to ICAEW membership, but also drive member engagement through valuable content sharing and convenient access to essential services. 

Cantarus was entrusted with the task of developing the MyICAEW mobile app. By partnering with us, ICAEW could leverage our expertise in app development and user-centric design. This partnership enabled us to craft a robust and intuitive platform, completely transforming how members and students interact with ICAEW. 

The project objectives were clear and ambitious: 

  • Elevate member engagement 
  • Enhance the perception of the ICAEW brand  
  • Showcase the most up-to-date and relevant content 

Introducing: MyICAEW 

ICAEW already had an existing app used by their members and students, but it fell short in terms of providing the features and functionality needed for optimal success. Working closely with the ICAEW team, we created a user-friendly, feature-rich platform that not only addressed these shortcomings, but also set a new standard in user experience. 

Leveraging the extensive user research conducted by ICAEW prior to our discovery session, we had a really solid foundation to build on. The app needed to accommodate a multitude of functionalities, including exam information, news updates, a networking space, and more. Ensuring a seamless integration of these features while maintaining peak performance was paramount. The app also needed to be scalable for the record-breaking growth in student numbers and membership base and their evolving needs over time.  

Our Solution 

Alongside ICAEW’s research efforts, we conducted our own analysis to better understand the needs and preferences of ICAEW members and students. Armed with this insight, we designed the app with an intuitive interface that ensures users can effortlessly navigate and access relevant content. We utilised the ICAEW brand to keep things consistent but created an effective new colour palette that aligned with the branding, while adhering to WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines, ensuring inclusivity for all users.  

Regular communication with the ICAEW team allowed us to take onboard any feedback and iterate and improve on designs.  

The latest resources at your fingertips 

We integrated the MyICAEW app with their existing systems, ensuring critical elements like member data and resources were up-to-date and synchronised in real-time.  

The app is exclusive to ICAEW members to connect both with ICAEW and other peers. The app also caters to students who can access the community to get help and advice from industry professionals, as well as view any exam results.  

Other app features include: 

  • Latest Member or Student Insights: Offering a steady stream of news, insights, and updates. 
  • Grow your Network: Access to a ‘Community’ space where members can connect with other users professionally and socially. 
  • Tax Tables: A one-stop resource for quick-reference tax tables.  
  • Podcasts: Users can stay on top of trends with the latest ICAEW podcasts. 
  • Practical Support: Access to technical advisory help sheets. 
  • Key dates and deadlines: Ensuring users stay informed and organised. 
  • Relevant, engaging push notifications: Keeping members in the loop with timely updates. 
  • App Analytics: Empowering admins with insights to important key performance indicators like new users, time spent within the app, etc. 
  • ACA Student Portal: Students can keep track of their booked exams and view exam results. 
  • Plus much more!

The Results  

Since its launch, the MyICAEW app has been an essential engagement tool for members and students alike. The app has become a central hub for communication, networking, and knowledge sharing, providing a unified and convenient user experience.  

Most members have rated the app 4/5 in terms of experience, with MyICAEW being universally praised as a big improvement on the old app by both users and internal leadership at ICAEW. 

As we move forward, we’ll continue to work with ICAEW to introduce new and valuable features, ensuring that the app continuously evolves alongside member needs. The app had a return rate of 85% in its first six months, as well as recently passing the 10,000 download mark. 

We are thrilled with the outcome of the MyICAEW app so far! The app has had a fantastic reception amongst both our members and students, and has exceeded our targets for every single measure in its first year. Cantarus really understood our vision and the unique needs of our split audience. The intuitive interface and seamless integration with our existing systems have made the app an indispensable tool. Thanks so much to Cantarus for their exceptional work on the app project, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership in future!

Adam Thompson Head of Digital Product & Experience

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