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Significantly Enhancing Member Engagement for RCGP

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is the professional membership body for general practitioners in the UK. The RCGP’s purpose is to encourage, foster, and maintain the highest standards in general medical practice. Supporting over 50,000 GPs throughout all stages of their career – from medical students considering general practice, through to training, qualified years, and retirement – RCGP ensures a bright future for general practice and patient care.

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At the outset, RCGP defined an ambitious goal of creating a new primary channel for members to engage with the College, with a view to significantly increasing engagement, gain valuable insights into member behaviour, and act as a central tenant of RCGP’s engagement strategy forging ahead into a new decade. With such lofty goals, it was initially assumed that an entirely bespoke app would be required – but once the executive team saw the power that the MemConnect platform could offer, it was clear that it would deliver an outstanding, unified experience, without breaking the bank. Our collaboration led to the delivery of an ever-evolving digital experience that stays with members wherever they go, delivering on functionality and delighting in the process. RCGP wanted a primary channel where they could engage with members painlessly and deliver an exceptional value offering; providing a single point of engagement in an intuitive, personalised format that members know they can trust, delivering on the quality that they expect from RCGP.

RCGP needed a solution that would offer members immediate, continuous access to all their digital services in a one-stop-shop. As such, a mobile app seemed to be the perfect solution.

The MyRCGP app is simple and intuitive and has already greatly improved the member experience for RCGP members. The app gets those key resources into the palms of GPs’ hands, helping them to do their job more efficiently, making their lives a little easier in the process. Through a completely user-focused app experience, RCGP now has that primary channel where they can speak to their members, and, more importantly, their members can easily speak to them. MyRCGP is deeply integrated with existing platforms including Salesforce and Sitecore to provide a principal, yet complementary channel to access RCGP’s services.

Built on the MemConnect platform, one of the main functionalities of MyRCGP is the Surveys feature – RCGP can get closer to members and provide a more enhanced experience all-round. They can send out multiple-choice surveys via the MemConnect Cloud, and editors can easily view the respondent answers in real-time. The Survey functionality allows RCGP to collect highly valuable feedback from their members too, such as details on app usage, and any desired features for future upgrades to the app.

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MyRCGP also provides a more personalised experience compared to the web offering. Highly targeted push notifications can be segmented based on location and interests, highlighting only the most relevant content for users. The latest news and updates are pulled directly from the website into the app, but displayed in a more mobile-friendly manner. This is cleaner to use, more accessible, and easier to consume – especially when on the move. Toolkits and other resources are also available within the app, providing doctors in practice with access to optimised material on a huge range of topics. Lastly, users have a quick reference membership benefits page which knits together the plethora of value delivered by the College into a handy index for GPs.

Establishing Member Value

MyRCGP offers a feeling of community; the experience is focused on the person, not the medicine. Fundamentally, RCGP can improve its relationships with members, whilst getting a better understanding of their wants and needs. Going forward, the College aims to reinforce its member-centric development mindset and continue to build solutions that match and exceed the modern member-base, meeting them where they spend their time, and delivering significant value day-in, day-out. We continue to work in partnership with RCGP to continuously develop and improve functionality, utilisation, analytics, and more.

At RCGP, we were looking for a new, innovative way of better engaging with our members. We initially assumed that we would need a bespoke app, but after speaking with the Cantarus and MemConnect teams, they showed us that we could pick from a variety of built-in features on the MemConnect platform. MyRCGP delivers an outstanding experience for our members, without breaking the bank.

Simon Bowen Executive Director of Membership and International

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