Enhancing the digital experience for the British Medical Association

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  • 09 January
  • 2 mins

The British Medical Association (BMA) has strategically enhanced its digital offering through a collaborative effort with leading digital agency, Cantarus. 

In a discreet yet impactful move, the BMA has upgraded its website to provide a more seamless and enhanced experience for its esteemed members. Recognising the crucial importance of fortifying its digital foundation, the BMA engaged in a strategic partnership with Cantarus to achieve this objective within a tight deadline.

The subtle digital enhancements are manifested in improved performance and a more secure and stable platform. Cantarus, known for its expertise in crafting cutting-edge websites for healthcare organisations including the award-winning ISAPS website and websites for both IPEM and the Association of Anaesthetists, has not only optimised the user experience for current BMA members and potential individuals, but has also provided the organisation with strategic consultancy to define its long-term digital roadmap. This subtle transformation aligns seamlessly with the BMA's objectives, and prepares the groundwork for transformational future development projects.

Carolyn Brown, Chief Information Officer at the BMA, comments:

“Working with Cantarus has been very successful for the BMA and we look forward to our continued relationship. In our first phase of collaboration, they have provided strategic guidance and seamless execution in upgrading our website which has improved performance and laid the foundation for our future plans. Cantarus have engaged with the BMA team extremely well both strategically and in the execution of the deliveries against tight deadlines.”

Brendan Killough, Chief Delivery Officer at Cantarus, adds:

“Our collaboration with the BMA reflects our dedication to delivering digital solutions that leave a lasting impact. We’re super proud to have helped the BMA upgrade their platform with a significantly improved content management experience, all achieved without the need for any content migration.”

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