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Meet the Team: Rebecca Doran

February 2020 3 min read
Rebecca Doran, Technical Delivery Manager, Cantarus

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca is Technical Delivery Manager here at Cantarus HQ, but she originally joined as a placement year during university. She's always been a big fan of computer science and all things tech, but we wanted to catch up with her one-to-one and find out more.

Were you interested in or exposed to technology at school?

I was, I studied ICT for both GCSE and A-Level. But I was actually told by my teacher not to do computer science as it was ‘for boys’ and I wouldn’t enjoy it… so I did it as part of my degree.

When did your journey officially start? Has your career path changed over time?

I’d say my journey properly started during my first year at uni; I loved computer science and I even considered dropping maths (the other half of my degree) completely. I actually really wanted to be a teacher when I graduated rather than going into tech though.

My coursemates persuaded me to do a year in industry as it would be a good experience, and that’s how I ended up at Cantarus. Turns out I really liked the environment. So, in my final year, I decided I’d go into IT rather than teaching, and the rest is history!

I started off my career as a Developer which I loved, but I also found that I really enjoyed working with clients. I’ve gone further down the project management route and am now Technical Delivery Manager at Cantarus.

What led you to work for Cantarus?

All of my housemates were graduating and I knew that I wanted to stay local. I found Cantarus on the uni careers page and they stood out because they were quite a small, friendly company based in the centre of Manchester.

I really enjoyed my time here during my placement year – the culture and atmosphere was lovely and welcoming, so when they offered me the job permanently I accepted straight away without a second thought.

Rebecca and team working at Cantarus

What would you say the core values are behind Cantarus?

In my opinion, I’d say culturally there’s a really strong, social community. There are also plenty of internal opportunities, we tend to push people into further roles rather than hiring from outside. We’re basically a people organisation – we put employees first whenever we can!

Team Cantarus

Do you have any tips on getting into the industry or your job role specifically?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! Also, don’t be put off by uni or jobs and how little you might know. Going into my degree I had basically zero knowledge of computer science, but you can do it, even if it seems overwhelming. There are loads of free resources online too – it’s pretty easy to get into if you put your mind to it.

How do you keep yourself fresh in your role or build on your experience?

Things like attending conferences and events to stay up-to-date, regular internal strategy meetings where we talk about best practice in the role, looking at what we can do to improve as a team etc... I’m also pretty open to people’s opinions and constructive criticism which I think helps!

Rebecca working at Cantarus

Who inspires you? 

Career-wise, my mother. She handled a lot on her own when I was growing up and I find her really inspiring in so many ways. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, I think of what she’s achieved and it pushes me to just do it.

Find out more about our team, or if you're interested in a career with us, please reach out to [email protected]

Written by Tabby Duff Digital Marketing Executive

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author unless explicitly stated. Unless of course, the article made you laugh, in which case, all credit should be directed towards our marketing department.