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BVCA Launches New Cantarus-Built Website

February 2017 1 min read

Cantarus is pleased to announce the launch of BVCA.co.uk - the brand-new website for the BVCA, the UK’s largest membership body for the private equity and venture capital industry. The organisation’s entire website has been redesigned to better reflect the BVCA’s exceptional reputation and standing within the private equity industry.

Cantarus Managing Director, Lee Adams said “Our primary goal with the project was to streamline the user experience across all devices, ensuring a seamless journey on mobile, tablet and desktop. In line with the shifting focus towards simplicity, we modernised the internal content-editing interface by adding the ability to ‘drag and drop’ content, as well as implementing dynamic content controls based on user permissions.”

The new BVCA website features the Cantarus Search Module, which allows users to not only search for document titles, but also for any matching terms within the document body, providing far more complete search results.

The BVCA’s Adam Lizzimore commented on the work behind the project “The professionalism displayed throughout the project removed all reservations. The concept design for the BVCA website was absolutely superb and beyond our expectations. Cantarus were able to keep the project on track and deliver a site that most people internally weren’t sure was possible.”

Written by Cantarus