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An open-source forum software that we shape into a key part of our clients’ engagement ecosystems.

Introducing Discourse

While multiple community solutions are offered across a range of price points, a standard community feature set offers common features and functions across product offerings. Discourse Forums, a leading open-source solution, is seen as an optimal solution for most of our community clients.

Why Discourse?

Its exceptional user experience, robust baseline functionality, developer/designer-friendly flexibility and low price point allow Cantarus' technical and design teams to deliver the right solution for each client.

Discourse Core Features:

  • Unlimited community areas with variable security and access settings
  • Document upload/download  
  • Expanded links  
  • Streamed video via embedded links 
  • Standard mobile app 
  • Polls 
  • Emojis  
  • User @mentions 
  • File attachments 
  • Desktop notifications 
  • Email summaries & post-by email 
  • Auto-save drafts 
  • Wiki versioning & revision history 
  • Personal messaging 
  • Moderation 
  • Badging & Gamification 

Having supported Discourse and community for many clients, we expertly optimise configuration, branding, and experiences for each client based on their specific needs and inclusive of our best practices guidance. 

Discourse is fully customisable, and we will work with your team members and brand assets to ensure your brand is optimally presented, further enhancing discourse core features with our own extensions and services:

  • Hosting management 
  • Client domain application for website/email 
  • CRM integration & member pre-load 
  • SSO integration  
  • Dynamic T&Cs agreement and capture  
  • Brand application 
  • Community welcome banner 
  • Category banners & images 
  • Badge application logic 
  • Website navigation & footer  
  • Multiple community best practice configurations 

We love to talk engagement, so please do reach out to get your community project started today. 

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