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The Energy Industries Council (EIC) is the leading Trade Association providing dedicated services to help members understand, identify and pursue energy opportunities globally. With a membership of over 650 companies, and 5 offices worldwide, the EIC’s goal is to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of energy projects and business intelligence in the sector today.

The EIC was embarking on an ambitious project to reimagine their public website and enhance how they presented their brand and offering to the wider world. We’ve been working together with EIC for a number of years, primarily supporting and hosting their website, so when they asked us to deliver this revamp project we were excited to help make their vision a reality.

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A Clear, Effective Communication Device

Previously, the EIC was a very UK-centric organisation that mainly focused on running events for members. More recently, however, EIC has transitioned to a more global focus with a wider remit including data services and recognition of excellence within the community. Despite this rapid change in recent years, the EIC website hadn’t kept pace due to various factors like investments and attention going into other areas. EIC was keen to calibrate their online presence with the organisation itself and deliver a dramatically improved website that better serves the community long-term and ultimately reflects the internal shift.

Following a number of on-site workshops with the EIC team, we formulated a robust plan of action with a focus on aligning EIC’s business strategy with its member value, before making these goals into key requirements for the web. The new website objectives included:

  • Increase lead generation,
  • Increase member sign-up and enquiries,
  • Increase event bookings,
  • Provide access to the wider content team to allow them to amend content independently.
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Your brand is how you are perceived by existing and prospective customers – it’s how your audience understands and relates to you. We worked closely with EIC to communicate their vision, mission and values through distinct and consistent branding, always placing the user at the centre of the design process.

We initially completed a thorough audit of the existing site, looking at what needed to be included for the future and what could be removed altogether. Our UX team explored key user journeys to then refer back to throughout the design process, ensuring all needs were met effectively. Then, building on rock solid UX foundations, our in-house Design team created visually stunning and intuitive designs that would completely transform the web experience. Not only is the new website a beautiful solution, but it is also fully accessible – without compromising the overall user experience.

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As proven by our extensive DNN partnership awards we have plenty of experience in building outstanding DNN websites. For the EIC website, we utilised DNN Evoq to provide a flexible, innovative content management experience. Now, EIC’s content teams have the ease of managing multiple websites with shared and unique configurations across each – a substantial upgrade over their previous instance. As well, we worked closely with EIC to integrate Google Analytics for core and goal tracking.

Leveraging our experience in delivering eCommerce solutions, we were able to design user journeys that effortlessly blend the public experience with the member-only offering. This includes integrating complex validation rules based on business logic, in order to reduce the burden on the back-office staff. We also worked with EIC to improve the process of enquiring about membership, enabling better lead generation.

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The Results

As a result of the new website, EIC is able to communicate its member value and brand more effectively, as well as become a true sales tool. Both teams collaborated well throughout the project, and EIC is now working closely with our Client Success Team, ensuring regular communication around potential enhancements in response to industry changes going forward.

Having worked with Cantarus since I joined the EIC in 2015, I’ve come to rely on them as a trusted partner when it comes to the EIC website. Taking forward the redesign project together was an easy decision after they put forward a comprehensive pitch and project plan, and they excelled in all stages of the project.

Mark Risley Head of Marketing and Communications

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