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CIA Case Study

The Chemical Industries Association Website in both desktop browser and app form.

The Challenge
Amalgamate the disparate websites that make up the CIA web estate.

The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is committed to providing expert advice and services to all of their members, including training for implementation of new regulation, alerts to changes in policy & legislation, and guidance on how to engage with regulators.

The CIA is the most influential association in the industry and utilises its leverage to affect policy change for the benefit of its members. The organisation is recognised as an expert in safety, environmental and employment issues, on both a domestic and international level.

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Our Solution
Migrating existing content to the easy-to-use content management system.

The CIA’s web estate included six separate websites, which whilst maintained under the same CIA brand, did not adhere to any consistent theme or structure.

The CIA wanted all their websites to be redesigned to follow an overarching style, ensuring that the organisation’s visual identity is easily recognisable to its audiences. Our Creative Design department rejuvenated the existing web site design, maintaining a universal motif across the entire website, improving overall trust of the CIA brand and leading to a more cohesive user experience.

The CIA also requested for these separate websites to be migrated onto a single platform, making changes easier to implement across their web estate. After a thorough review, existing content was migrated to the DNN Evoq platform, facilitating a unified look and feel across the entire web estate, as well as allowing the CIA’s internal content editors more control over their messaging. However, The CIA was unable to demonstrate its depth of content due to the constraints of the existing design. We developed a content slider to serve as the focal point of CIA.org.uk’s home page in order to present the site’s content in the most effective manner.

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The move to the DNN Evoq platform allowed for a smooth integration with the CIA’s preferred membership provider, Silverbear. To accompany the improved content structure, the content personalisation features that we incorporated into the new websites ensured that each CIA member felt valued as an individual. Once logged in, each member receives a personalised package of news, event listings and professional qualification information.